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Friday, April 30, 2010


Tonight, one of our brothers in arms from San Diego - Zack Nielsen of SEZIO.ORG, and his buddy Dave Brown from HOLIDAY MATINEE are supporting a SD act that needs proper national recognition - JOEL P WEST & THE TREE RING as they will perform at the Museum of Contemporary Art/San Diego.

Part of the Ford Fiesta movement, Brown and Nielson were asked to pick a San Diego artist deserving of national recognition. Nielsen said, "Joel has been a hidden gem amongst San Diego's recently buzzing music scene for the past several years. We've had the pleasure of watching Joel's music evolve from an acoustic project to a fleshed-out, string-based quartet, a.k.a. the Tree Ring." Thanks to this connection that Ford has created, West & the Tree Ring have a chance to perform at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in June.

Also performing on the bill is another band that is a FS favorite of late - BLACK MAMBA. Here's the brand new video from the band that graced our Rumble: San Diego party this month at Bar Pink.

Black Mamba - White Woods from Josh Hassin on Vimeo.

Joel P West and The Tree Ring @ MCASD, La Jolla
w/ Black Mamba
Friday, April 30th @ 8pm

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Thursday, April 29, 2010



One of those acts that broke up before the world got to realize their genius was the act formerly known as ELLE MILANO. Right as they were turning into a band we wanted to cut off a hand to see live, they dismantled the group. From those ashes comes the latest from the man known as Adam Crisp called ENTREPRENEURS. Crisp has upped his game and has added a whole electronic element to his work, and in doing so has caught the attention and the remix skills of acts like Marina and the Diamonds, Penguin Prison, The Premarital Sect, Clock Opera, MASKS and Radiant Dragon.

They are finally sharing the new goodies with everyone, and you can download a copy of the song, "Revenge Platter" here.

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Silverlake Lounge never disappoints and Tuesday night was no different, as two mainstays in the FS musical family, CHASING KINGS and ALL WRONG & THE PLANS CHANGE engaged the crowd with staggering performances, once again proving to us just why we’re fans to begin with.

We really can’t get enough of Chasing Kings, considering they blew up 3 Clubs for The Rumble in January and went with us to SXSW last month. Classic indie pop coupled with blues and 60’s and 70’s rock influences, demonstrate their deep respect for music of all genres. Matt Schwartz’s vocals and skills on the keys venture into Costello territory in the best way possible. With tracks like “Dark Sunglasses” and “Empathy,” their music is a pleasant and a fortifying change from the lo-fi world currently enveloping the industry.

Echoing the title of their EP and track, “The Current State of Our Future,” Chasing Kings are on the cusp of something bigger. A few new tracks worked their way into the set, and if these are any indication of what’s to come on their full length debut, those who’ve had the chance to catch this act at smaller venues will be saying “we knew them when.”

Next up was songstress, Morgan Nagler of celebrated indie quartet, WHISPERTOWN 2000. Accompanied by well known session player, Blake Mills on guitar ad Nick White on keys; Nagler wowed with an intimate set of solo songs about peaches, almonds and the like; each showcasing her rural voice. Closing with a soul wrenching solo version of Gillian Welch’s (Whispertown 2000 were the first signees to Welch’s Acony Records) “Look at Miss Ohio,” it’s easy to see that Nagler’s twang is rootsy indie folk personified. Watching Nagler was like taking a trip back to 2006 when I first caught The Whispertown 2000 (check out Livin’ In a Dream, a must listen); and it’s just as apparent as it was back then, that she is by far one of the emotive singers out there. Nagler excels in the lyrical storytelling department; personable, funny and never failing to create a level of intimacy with the audience that allows you to feel as if you’ve stumbled upon something special.

The evening closed with a group we at FS absolutely adore, All Wrong and the Plans Change. In the wake of 90’s alt resurgence, ala Hole, All Wrong and the Plans Change are a refreshing surprise in the mist of other imitators and most definitely the new faces of girl rock for 2010. Lead by the enigmatic Kassia Conway, with the spectacular Amy Wood on drums, this LA based group has been gaining steam for quite some time and we were fortunate enough to feature them on the Future Sounds 33 Compilation last summer.

Lush vocals, skillful guitar and some seriously amazing drums courtesy of Amy; All Wrong and the Plans Change are even better live. Their raucous, yet ethereal set was populated with personal favs like “Whiskey Birds, “Hey, Hey” and “Lately". All Wrong and the Plans Change’s recently released and sonically stunning, I’m Like Whatever EP is merely just a slice of what this quartet’s performances are like.
I Get Down” is an infectious piece of alt pop rock genius, so it’s no wonder it caught the attention of uber music supervisor, Alex Pastsavas, meriting a spot on an episode of Gossip Girl last fall. Chrissie Hynde references be damned, Kassia’s voice is a serious force that transcends any Pretender’s comparisons.

Post by Veronica Pulcini

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


HOMETOWN: Brooklyn
ALBUM: Magic Windows, Magic Nights (Fill In The Blank Records)

If you've had up to your lids with electro-indie/hipster indie and the like, then I suggest you pick up a copy (or download it) of "Magic Windows, Magic Nights" by Brooklyn's THE LIBRARY IS ON FIRE. If everything is in a 20 year cycle, and the '90's are back, look no further than TLIOF to give you that Dinosaur Jr punch in the mouth that's missing from the mix. This album I'm still just catching up to and it will probably take another month to begin to process it, it's that good.

After a little intro, the track "Magic Bumrush Heartz" comes in and makes you remember why Nirvana snapped us out of Debbie Gibson-land at the start of that decade. The band is a trio, another comparison to the previously mentioned gods of grunge, comprised of Steve Five, Pete Sustarsic and Mark Shue. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the beauty of a trio is that there is no where to hide, each player has to bring it or it's obvious. This bunch brings it and couldn't hide if they wanted to, some neighbor would be banging on the wall and calling the cops. The ending to "Cinematic Idea" is so big and furious that you feel like you were paddled so hard you won't be able to go potty for weeks.

They recorded 'Magic Windows, Magic Nights' in 2 weeks with Guided by Voices producer/member, Todd Tobias in Ohio in January on an analog 4-track
, and it has that working class, Midwestern feel to it by lacking any attempt to chase the buzz band tail. The album is all smash-mouth football, it has plenty of slow moving, crunching numbers, but even still has endings that turn on you, like on "Smoke & Mirrors". “I Miss You So Much, It Hurts So Bad,” is just fuzzy.

For me, it just feels good to rawk! Bravo to this full-length, all 15 songs worth, because it takes a lot these days to get anyone to give a new band a chance past 1-3 songs, and these guys deliver the payoff throughout.

Magic Windows, Magic Nights
Fill In The Blank Records 2010

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Tonight @ The Silverlake Lounge it's a 4-band line-up of local talent that has a couple of our favorite bands sharing the 'Salvation' stage > CHASING KINGS and ALL WRONG & THE PLANS CHANGE. The place should be stuffed, as WHISPERTOWN 2000's Morgan Nagler plays a solo show, but they've gotten ink in everyone from Mojo, Q, Spin, NME, Uncut, Paste and Rolling Stone. Show starts at 9pm, cost is $8.

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Monday, April 26, 2010


The first week of May is upon us and THE RUMBLE is back with week of shows guaranteed to stretch Cinco de Mayo throughout the entire week. As usual the party’s always free!

THE FEROCIOUS FEW will be joining us this month on the entire THE RUMBLE WEST COAST TOUR in support of their staggering debut release Juices (Birdman). The brainchild of SF troubadour Francisco Fernandez and Daniel Aguilar, this blues rock duo are a return to the hallmarks of classic Americana, with visceral, raw lyrics accompanied by frenzied guitars and bashing drums. After a sweltering set in Austin at the Bay Area Takeover Party this March, THE FEROCIOUS FEW have been racking up the accolades, with the New York Times blog labeling the pair as one of their SXSW Standouts.

We’ve been lucky enough to see them live (back in November they tore up the small Blue Palms Stage at the Hollywood Brew Fest), so we can attest that their show is a serious force of zealous energy that is really indescribable. With Blurt Magazine calling Juices “the best debut album of 2010 only 4 months in,” this act is set for big things. The single “Porcelain Doll” is piece of riotous soul rock. While, THE FEROCIOUS FEW are known for their impromptu performances on the street corner of 16th and Mission, but if the buzz radiating off Juices is any indication they will soon be shucking the pavement for larger venues very soon; so the chance to see them in these intimate settings won’t last long.

Starting the week off in Washington on Monday May 3rd, THE RUMBLE SEATTLE kicks off the tour at Havana Social Club. Seattle collective THE HEAD AND THE HEART are set to open the night with their harmony laden indie folk. Call them the American version of Mumford & Sons (a bonafide staple at FS HQ). Their track, “Sounds Like Hallelujah” is an epic beautifully orchestrated ballad, heavy on the violins and Josiah Johnson’s soaring vocals.

Then Tuesday May 4th we’ll head down to our Portland home, Holocene, where two local acts will share the bill with THE FEROCIOUS FEW. First up is 1776, a quartet that look as if they were plucked off the cover of Rolling Stone in the 60’s with perfectly shaggy mops of hair and vintage to match. Recently signed to Beat The World Records (The Dandy Warhols label), 1776 are young (most of them underage) and earnest classic rockers in the vein of MC5.

Portland Mercury darlings, MONARQUES round out the night, as this seven piece are set to bring their sunny, 1950’s inspired indie pop. The creation of Oh Captain, My Captain's Josh Spacek, MONARQUES’ dreamy confections are reminiscent of early Morning Benders with the added bonus of female backing vocals.

Wednesday May 5th, Francisco and co will head down to their home turf for THE RUMBLE SF at Café du Nord for the Juices album release party and probably one of the best Cinco de Mayo celebrations going on in the city that night. Tequila plus Trumer Pils equals the ultimate party.

Joining us for dates in SF and LA, are MISSISSIPPI MAN, a band we’ve loved since they released The Snake Oil Salesman EP last spring. This LA based quintet are making legit folk pop, full of blues infused harmonies with David Knight and Luke Messimer’s vocals recalling an early Neil Young. Touted as one of the Best Bands of 2009 by our friends at The Deli LA, we couldn’t be more excited to have MISSISSIPPI MAN on the bill for these two nights.

Bay Area favorites, THE SERMON will also be on hand for the fiesta. Serious dark dirty garage with blistering guitars and tinges of 60’s soul, plus a healthy dose of The Stooges; it’s no wonder The Owl Mag have been loving THE SERMON. If their live show is anything like we’ve been hearing, their set is bound to be pretty amazing. As always, resident DJ BAGeL Ted will be spinning tunes all night. RSVP at Sonic Living.

Thursday May 6th The RUMBLE LA will head back home to 3 Clubs, where another local act and Aquarium Drunkard fav, DIRT DRESS will open the night. Classic garage rock at it’s best (loud and thunderous); this three piece earned a spot at Waved Out this past March with bloggers saying, “Dirt Dress shows us what punk rock might have been, almost was, and, apparently, still can be.” With buzz like this, you’ll have to come check out DIRT DRESS.

As usual we head down south for THE RUMBLE SAN DIEGO on Saturdays to our North Park dwelling, Bar Pink on May 8th with a killer line up of SD bands joining THE FEROCIOUS FEW. First up is our newest obsession, LITTLE DEADMAN, a local act signed to our friends over at Single Screen Records (Beaters, Heavy Hawaii). LITTLE DEADMAN evoke early Strokes with a hint of Yesayer. Just check out their track “Shooting Seagulls” and you’ll hear why we can’t get enough of them.

THE KABBS are dirty Southern tinged garage rock by way of North Park, with the help of Brian Clinebell’s vocals. A perfect melding of psychedelic and blues influences, “Golden and Blue” is a must listen. It’s no wonder local SD press, like CityBeat are calling their sound, “catchy garage-pop without the lo-fi hipster pretense.” Local DJ Cory Casey will be on the decks all night!

The parties are FREE and are brought to you in each city by the collective of Rumble partners that come together to support indie music. Stay tuned for information on The Rumble: Las Vegas, The Rumble: Austin and The Rumble: New York coming soon......

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Friday, April 23, 2010


Better late than never, but new to us is LA's FOSTER THE PEOPLE. For the last few weeks we've been in love with "Pumped Up Kicks", which could be this year's "Young Folks" or jam of the Spring/Summer if it gets out the right way. I'm told the track went #1 on Hype Machine and for good reason - it's a hit (whatever that means these days).

We've got such a crush, we've booked them for June's RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES party at 3 Clubs on June 10th.

Head over to the band web site to stream the track if you haven't already downloaded it somewhere > HERE.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Going down at The Echo this evening - ALL WRONG & THE PLANS CHANGE kick off an evening of three great bands, and are followed by CORREATOWN and WE BARBARIANS. The ladies hit the stage at 9pm. $5 with RSVP - $7/door.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's easy to stumble upon the peppy sonic orgy of The Arcade Fire's (where art thou Neon Bible follow-up?) instrumentals, The Polyphonic Spree's choral grandiosity and Stars' pop breeze once you simply take the Kissaway Trail to the foot of Sleep Mountain.

In support of the Danish sextet's second long player (Bella Union/Etch n Sketch/Playground), Sleep Mountain, released in March, The Kissaway Trail played a fairly under-attended set at LA's Spaceland last night. Hot of the buzz of SXSW (I saw them there also) and their recent stint with Aussie darlings The Temper Trap, the group managed to kick the room into place with a swirly set of numbers from both their albums that were supported alongside keyboard pokes, ganged-out vocal melodies and a night-closing, onstage tambourine jump-along of standout "SDP."

The Kissaway Trail - SDP by inertiamusic

The band has an SF set tomorrow (the 22nd) at Pop Scene before jaunting back to Europe (hopefully the volcano no American can pronounce, Eyjafjallajökull, doesn't present a problem) for a full tour, festival slots and sets alongside the likes of Tokyo Police Club and The Raveonettes. Sleep Mountain is out now. Go on and give standouts "SDP," and "New Year" a listen… your ears will thank you. You can stream the entire album over at Spinner.

Photos from the Spaceland set are below (all by Matt Draper/Hollow-Eyed Photos)

-Matt Draper

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It's no secret that Future Sounds has a crush on the lady from Rock Island, Illinois - LISSIE. Her gigantic voice and even larger passion for songwriting pours out of her, and this live video of her in Austin @ Stompin' Grounds showcases what a gem that she truly is. Our good friends, PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS do some amazing video work and this time they nailed it again at the party we had with AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE and XO PUBLICITY in March.

Lissie - Little Lovin' (Live) from Plays Well With Others on Vimeo.

The Plays Well team also had the chance to sit down with Lissie and find out more in this interview in Austin at SXSW....

Lissie Plays Well With Heifer International from Plays Well With Others on Vimeo.

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We've been rumblin' around New York City and Brooklyn for almost two years now, and tonight THE RUMBLE: NEW YORK returns to Manhattan and takes it new monthly home at The Studio @ Webster Hall.

If you've been napping, The Rumble is a monthly indie-rock party that focuses on up-and-coming bands and is about highlighting this new talent through our collective partnerships.

This FREE party is brought to you in New York by Future Sounds, Defalco Presents, The Musebox, East Village Radio, Stranded In Stereo and Spin Earth.

We've all combined on putting together an amazing line-up......

HANK & CUPCAKES are a Brooklyn two-piece bringing their drum electro pop to the Studio @ Webster Hall this Wednesday. Their Pleasure Town EP is chock full of gritty dance rock pop tracks like "Aint No Love" a piece of funky, disco rock, with Cupcake's sultry vocals recalling the prowess of Beth Ditto. Set to open for Placebo in June, this duo's high energy combined with Hank's skillful bass are a pretty stunning combo. Recently branded one of the Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2010 by MusicVagabond NYC, HANK & CUPCAKES are not to be missed, with people saying, "Everyone gets that feeling that they are one second from blowing up and when you catch their act you will understand why."

SAADI, a Syrian born singer songwriter with serious skills is part Regina Spektor, part Lykke Li and currently receiving major blog love, even from the likes of Pitchfork. Her a cappella version of Bob Dylan's "Mama, You've Been on My Mind" is a must see! With her Bad City EP dropping last month on Serious Business Records and fresh off a stint at SXSW, SAADI is making serious noise with psychedelic indie dance pop punctured with haunting vocals and keys. A former member of Looker, SAADI is on to something with unusual melodies and arrangements resulting in a jarring combination that we can't wait to see live.

ARMS + LEGS, a five-piece hailing from Connecticut set to stop by the Studio @ Webster Hall before they head to Beijing for The Strawberry Festival. Led by Scott Daly, this NY based group is making big news overseas, after being signed to Modern Sky, the largest record label in China. Ranging from quiet folk rock to the more electro tinged indie pop off their 2009 Nothing Ever Was EP (Closet Trekkie Records), ARMS + LEGS have been percolating on the NY scene for quite some time. "Packing My Wires Away" is a distorted piece of pop perfection in the vein of Home Video.

Having the illustrious honor of being one of tastemaker Marc Jacobs favorite new bands, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES are a Brooklyn duo garnering tons of attention from fashionistas and Williamsburg scenemakers. Fronted by fashion designer, Jon Lynn, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES are fresh off the release of their second album, Tragic Trouble, a mixture of hazy danceable tunes, like "Pen15." Lynn and co have been the recipients of massive press lately, including an endorsement from Nylon and more. Seriously catch UNSOLVED MYSTERIES before they end up being featured in a Juergen Teller shot Marc ad!

Again, the party is FREE and happens tonight at THE STUDIO @ WEBSTER HALL

The Studio @ Webster Hall is located at 125 East 11th Street

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


HOMETOWN: Claremont, CA

If DEAD MEADOW and SLEEPY SUN were to get a little too stoney one night and get it on, the result nine months later might be the Claremont, California based act OJOS ROJOS. We recently received their full-length, "Disappear" (Cobraside) and it's been on steady rotation ever since. It may be turf that has been well-covered by the bands previously mentioned, and early BRMC, The Black Angels and The Warlocks, but personally, I can never get enough of heavy psychedelic rock that has some darkness and danger woven deep within. As their name so appropriately states, this is for those that gift lifted, get red eyes, and put the headphones on to rock out. We're already trying to rope them into an upcoming Rumble LA party, as we must see this one live. DARKER MY LOVE had better watch their backs.



Spirit Kid "My Imagination" from avi paul weinstein on Vimeo.

Hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Emeen Z is the wizard behind SPIRIT KID, an act that builds on the indie-pop foundation that bands like APPLES IN STEREO have so brilliantly forged. Here's a video that just popped into our mailbox from Z for "My Imagination".


Friday, April 16, 2010


You may remember "I Get Down" by ALL WRONG & THE PLANS CHANGE on Future Sounds 33, or heard it on Gossip Girl or in a number of places, well they are giving away their record plus a new EP, "Till The Wheels Fall Off" today! Kassia & Amy and company are probably some of the coolest, sweetest folks you'll meet, and live it's ferocious, and everyone likes FREE. Head over to their web site to check it out and fill your iPod for the weekend.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Antlers Play Well With Others from Plays Well With Others on Vimeo.

Here is part 2 of the PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS/FUTURE SOUNDS session with THE ANTLERS @ Swinghouse Studios in Hollywood. As a big fan of this record, it's great to get some insight into it's creation, and just to get this intimate look at three guys that understand that sometimes being quiet is actually pretty loud. As usual, Plays Well asks the questions we want to know about.

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Monday, April 12, 2010


The Antlers - Bear (Live Extended Version) from Plays Well With Others on Vimeo.

The amazing team at PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS teamed up with Future Sounds and Swinghouse Studios recently and had an intimate evening with one of our favorite acts - THE ANTLERS. Here is just a glimpse of the evening, with the band performing "Bear" in all its extended version glory.
Tomorrow we'll share the very personal interview they captured with the band explaining 'Hospice' and their approach to music and performing.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


We close out the first week of April's RUMBLE parties in Las Vegas tonight @ The Thunderbird Lounge at The Aruba Hotel. Our traveling team - PEPPER RABBIT - hops on for one more party after having started in Seattle on Monday night and playing through Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and last night in San Diego. They'll be joined by Vegas rising stars - THE BIG FRIENDLY CORPORATION and THE NOVELTY ACT, and it's the return of DJ MIKEATTACK!.

The party is FREE and is brought to you by Future Sounds, Neon Reverb, Las Vegas CityLife and KUNV.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010


THE RUMBLE: SAN DIEGO @ Bar Pink has become one of the most eagerly anticipated club nights in SD, bringing together a diverse and art-driven community in North Park each month. Tonight, the April edition of The Rumble happens with some of San Diego's best upstarts as well as our new best friends, PEPPER RABBIT.

Here's who is playing the party...

WRITER is comprised of brothers, Andy and James Ralph. We've had the pleasure of hearing their new EP and the new sound is less pop and more eclectic than their previous release, Blood Drops. We are really diggin it and are look forward to hearing the new songs live.

Traveling through the west coast Rumble Tour is LA's psych-pop act PEPPER RABBIT. We've had the pleasure of seeing them on Rumbles dating back to SXSW recently, and their brand of music - THE SHINS meets LOCAL NATIVES feels right on. You've never seen a few guys do as much at the same time than PR, multi-tasking made to look easy.

Also on the bill are BLACK MAMBA, led by Aimee Sanchez who's timeless voice perfectly lays over airy songs that make you feel warm and fuzzy. Coming off the 2009 Golden Birthday EP (Single Screen Records) released last year, Black Mamba continues to make new music and we hope they have a new release this year.

Lastly, if you aren't hip to the JAMUEL SAXON remix craze, get on it! Given that couple, Keith Milgaten and Aimee Sanchez from BLACK MAMBA and the Ralph brothers from WRITER make up this dancey group, it's only fitting to have them collab on the tables for our Rumble night.

Of course on top of the FREE entry, we have beer specials brought to us by TRUMER PILS all night.

This FREE monthly, indie-rock night is brought to you by Future Sounds, Indigenous Promotions, SDdialed In, M-Theory Music and SDCity Beat.

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Friday, April 09, 2010


Last night I saw a rock star. Remember them? We used to have them. We still do, they are mostly just old rock stars now.

His name is Tim Rogers, aka JACK LADDER

His performance well after midnight last evening at THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES was in short, epic.

It felt like I had been transported back in time to the mid-'80's and was catching one of my 'time-machine wishes' bands perform early shows in a little club. It didn't feel 2010, but in that I don't mean that it doesn't sound contemporary > it's more about how it didn't feel like what everyone else seems to be doing these days (long, meandering songs, lo-fi, purposely being so deep and obscure, indie folk, electro indie, white belts, dogs chasing the tail). This set of music was more about a band that clearly has a vision and dare I say, personality? And long in personality are the members of Jack Ladder. Frontman/hobgobblin Tim Rogers stands on the tall side of 6"5", maybe even 6'7" and is one tall drink of water. Donny Benet on bass looked like he slipped away on his rumspringa from the Amish farm he was raised on and learned the bass by studying old Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds records. And then there is Kirin J Callinan (see below). On their myspace page he is listed as "guitar, blood", and I'm still trying to process what this guy is all about, and I mean that in the best possible way. Anyone that can rock the pants, or shall I say - green velvet knickers and not miss a beat is someone I can idolize. What Kirin was doing with his TABLE of pedals and even more importantly, with the chords and his dance moves, was stunning. Everything about the set was dangerous, inventive, and really just wild, like a scene out of 'Wild At Heart' and Jack/Tim was Nicholas Cage.

Kirin J Callinan - playing "blood"

The crew I was standing next to all felt we had just witnessed one of those special performances that you'll someday fondly look back on and be grateful you were present.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010


Tonight @ 3 Clubs in Hollywood it's another edition of THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES.

This month we have some incredible bands that should already be on your radar.

Headlining from Australia, it's the 6'5" JACK LADDER (aka Tim Rogers) still in country post-SXSW and ready to bring his NICK CAVE fronting SUICIDE sounds to us in the perfect vamp-setting that is the back room of 3 Clubs. Jack Ladder and company have already received a ton of acclaim down south, winning the 2008 AMP Red Bull Prize for Best Album for Love is Gone (Spunk) and opening for Aussie super group Wolfmother.

LA's own PEPPER RABBIT have been playing all of The Rumble West Coast dates and we couldn't be more excited to have this three piece from Silver Lake. Even this morning we've been getting emails from San Francisco Rumblers that caught them last night raving on their performance.

Opening up from Fullerton, CA, it's REGRETS & BRUNETTES, someone we've had our eye on for some time and then Kevin at Buzzbands.la reached out and snagged them for the party.

The party is FREE - 3 Clubs is located on the corner of Vine and Santa Monica Blvd.

The Rumble: Los Angeles is brought to you by Future Sounds, BMI, RM64, Buzzbands.LA, Stranded In Stereo & Spin Earth

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The PEPPER RABBIT/Rumble run continues tonight in San Francisco @ Milk Bar on Haight Street. The Rabbits are joined by SF based acts - VEIL VEIL VANISH and SILVER SWANS.

THE RUMBLE: SAN FRANCISCO is a FREE monthly indie-rock party is brought to you by Future Sounds, The Owl Mag, Bagel Radio, the Noise Pop Music Festival, The SF Bay Guardian, The Bay Bridged, Trumer Pils, Stranded In Stereo and Spin Earth.



Resident DJ - BAGEL TED - will handle the mixing duties

The dark sounds of VEIL VEIL VANISH will headline the evening and take us into the witching hour. "Veil Veil Vanish is the darkest gem in the treasure chest of San Francisco's indie scene ." - Noise Pop Music Festival

LA's PEPPER RABBIT are in playoff shape with their live set after Monday night's Seattle performance and last night's Rumble: Portland play. Seattle based blog, SOUND ON THE SOUND had this to say about them, "They’re slightly goofy, but they’ve clearly got big pop ambitions."

What's not to love about the vocals of Ann Yu, in her other band (LOVELIKEFIRE being her mainstay) called SILVER SWANS. Their recent Tricycle Records release, "Realize The Ghost " is amazing, and makes you want to listen to it next to THE KNIFE and your old MORCHEEBA records. This electronic duo will open things up around 9:30pm.

So it's a FREE night of music if you RSVP at Sonicliving (if you don't, it's $5), as well as giving you TRUMER PILS beer specials all night long.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


It's night #2 on April's Rumble circuit, and PEPPER RABBIT and THE GLOBES move south to Portland this evening after kicking off the The Rumble: Seattle on Monday. In PDX we add local up-and-comers THE GOLDEN HOURS, for this 3-band line-up that's FREE to the city of Portland. We've even made it easier on you and have added TRUMER PILS beer specials all night long.

The RUMBLE: PORTLAND is brought to you by FS, Pampelmoose, Music Millennium, Cravedog, XO Publicity, Trumer Pils and Spin Earth.

Holocene is located at 1001 Southeast Morrison Street

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Monday, April 05, 2010


Tonight, MONDAY April 5th @ the Havana Social Club its the return of THE RUMBLE: SEATTLE.

This FREE monthly indie-rock night features two bands each month that are on their way up brought to you by Future Sounds, The Stranger, Line Out, Easy Street Records and The Wig PR.

A band that is landing on everyone's radar is headlining in Seattle's own THE GLOBES. Currently receiving serious love from Barsuk and Seattle bloggers alike, with Reverb calling THE GLOBES a “thing of budding greatness.

"...the band subtly contrasts loud and quiet, making for carefully crafted guitar rock that's beautiful, but with a bang." - The Stranger

" It's clear the Globes are one of Seattle's most promising young bands. After their set, an observant stranger to my right remarked to me that "they were epic!" and I agree." - Three Imaginary Girls

Joining The Globes will be the Los Angeles based group, PEPPER RABBIT , who will be headlining all of The Rumble West Coast dates and we couldn’t be more excited to have this three-piece from Silver Lake. Not to be confused with the myriad of other hare themed bands (Frightened Rabbit, White Rabbit), PEPPER RABBIT were on the short list of bands to watch at SXSW and from what we’re hearing they didn’t disappoint.

A late addition to the bill is a band we're crazy about from Vancouver, YUKON BLONDE. We've fallen for their s/t album on Nevado Records, and we're lucky enough to have them heading through Seattle on their way home from a West Coast run of dates last week. Think FLEET FOXES meet DR DOG and you're close.

Not only is this a FREE party, but there are TRUMER PILS beer specials all night.

The Havana Social Club is located at 1010 East Pike Street

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Friday, April 02, 2010


This Saturday night our friends at FMLY are holding yet another FMLY RIDE event, where everyone gets on bikes and goes from destination to destination around the west side to see bands, hang out, get drunk and actually have fun. Check out some of the videos and pictures from the last ride here:


MEET AT 7:00 RIDE AT 8:00

Some of the bands playing at each destination:
WESTSIDE ROBBERS (meet at Venice Skate Park)
: Moon Pearl http://www.myspace.com/worldcityworld
:: DJDT http://www.myspace.com/djdt1000
::: Fidlar http://www.myspace.com/fidlar

EASTSIDE COPS (meet up Echo Park Boathouse)
: Pedals & Prints @ Crewest Gallery (bicycle art show)
:: Backdoor Mom (The MOM RIDAZ band)
::: The Deadlies http://www.myspace.com/thedeadliesmusic

: Professor Calculus http://www.myspace.com/professorcalculus
:: Mikki and the Mauses http://www.myspace.com/mikkimausmusic

ALL BIKES ARE WELCOME (and things on wheels that is self sustaining, really. Skateboards will be pulled by bikes) Rollerbladers please come.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010


If silly office pranks and annoying April Fool's text messages got you wishing it was the weekend already, we've got a little three-minute remedy for you by way of DUNIAN and the storming "Mind Over Mind" track.

It's sunny, beat-y, daygaze music that reminds me of Four Tet mixed with any number of the current "glo-fi" itser buzzers. Whomever you are Dunian, I want more.

Posted by Matt Draper



Our new favorite band from Vancouver, Canada happens to be in town tonight @ The Mint - YUKON BLONDE. If you haven't heard them yet, or their brilliant self-titled record on Nevado Records, then you need to investigate, quickly. From front-to-back, it's one of the most enjoyable listens I've had in some time. You definitely hear the Pacific Northwest influences of say FLEET FOXES, but it also has a real jingle-jangle to it that isn't all folk, a la a band like DR DOG. Immediately tracks like "Loyal Man" and "Babies Don't Like Blue Anymore" jump out at me as favorites, but then, almost like a WILCO record, the other songs start pulling their weight to create a song-by-song bridge through the entire collection of songs.

We like them so much that they've actually just been added to Monday's RUMBLE: SEATTLE @ The Havana Social Club in Capitol Hill. They'll be playing with PEPPER RABBIT and THE GLOBES, making that show the perfect kick-off to anyone's week.

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