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Thursday, September 30, 2004


THE DRAMA / Nothing Can Tear Us Apart
California’s THE DRAMA release their glorious worldwide debut on the 25th October. ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart’ cannily brings together a clutch of their finest glowering gothic melodies. All crunching guitars and venomous vocals, this four song EP is a grimly jubilant statement of intent from a blazing new arrival on Planet Rock.


Currently playing a week's worth of shows in the UK.

FILM SCHOOL take London

Film School just got back from a whirlwind trip to New York City, Manchester, and London.

The NYC shows were great, night one was at SIN-e, where they played with The Head Set.
Click HERE to see pictures from that night.

Night two was at the Delancey, here is what what one fan wrote to us:
"Dear Film Schoolers:

Thanks for an excellent show at the Delancy on Saturday night. As a San
Francisco exile I've been waiting many moons for you guys to make it out to
the East Coast, and you did not disappoint. Come back soon.

You also probably noticed that none other than Geraldo Rivera himself was in
the audience, complete with two leather-clad hired goons and a raft of drunk
chicks. What you might not have caught was him yelling "Yeah! Film School!
Yeah!" as you guys wrapped up. Amazing."

Manchester's IN THE CITY music festival was next up. We were up against a Manchester United football game, heavy rain, and a band from Ireland that thought they were the Spacemen 3. Seriously, but without all the drugs.

The week in London was highlighted by great shows with TV ON THE RADIO (The Garage), THE MAGIC NUMBERS (Barfly), and the final night at The Metro. Some nice press love from NME, The Fly, Kerrang!, and Time Out London.

Thanks to everyone that helped us out on this trip, we'll be back.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Oh sure, NOW they wanna claim them..........

The return of the Killers

Homecoming kings: Come see what all the Fuss is about

Read the story in the

FILM SCHOOL NYC - UK TOUR begins tomorrow

San Francisco's FILM SCHOOL leaves home tomorrow for a mini-tour of New York and London to promote their single 'Harmed' on the forthcoming FIERCE PANDA RECORDS EP, 'Shock & Oar'.

Here are the dates:
9/17 NEW YORK @ SIN-E w/ The Head Set
9/18 NEW YORK @ DELANCEY w/ Burnside Project, The Dumbwaiters
9/21 LONDON @ THE GARAGE w/ TV On The Radio, Read Yellow


David is still mid-tour in Ireland, but he takes a break from his homeland to venture down to the British Boys in Manchester for the IN THE CITY MUSIC FESTIVAL.

He'll be playing the following two showcases:

3:00 @ Pizza Express
9:30 @ Cord

He will also be playing Monday night with MUNDY in Galway (IRE) and then a special RUBY SESSIONS performance on 9/21.

THE KILLERS through next week

Tour schedule for THE KILLERS:

9/17 - AUSTIN @ Zilker Park - Austin City Limits Music Festival
9/18 - LOS ANGELES - KROQ Inland Invasion
9/19 - LAS VEGAS - House Of Blues w/The Walkmen

MINT CHERRY hits iTunes

Finally there is an official Mint Cherry release. The Particle (that's the band name)remix is out and on the Apple iTunes Store.

The demos have just been mastered at a secret location in Virgina - one song to go before it debuts. More to follow........


They are from California. They number three. They sound like the missing link between Nirvana and Placebo. They describe themselves as 'Dark Rock'. They are called THE DRAMA and they are totally and utterly bionically great. The panda first saw THE DRAMA at CMJ in New York in 2003. A full year of stalking later we are finally poised to release a four-track EP showcasing THE DRAMA's shocking talents. The EP is called 'Nothing Can Tear Us Apart', the catalogue number is NING 159CD, the release date is October 25th 2004 and the vibe is splendidly gloomy.

Visit FIERCE PANDA - Click Here.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Better late than never, here's the latest FUTURE SOUNDS, full of bands you should already know about......

1. THE ZUTONS – Pressure Point
So this one has been out in the UK for some time, and no one there will be surprised about this band, but THE ZUTONS have really yet to take hold in the states. Perhaps it is only because they didn’t lead with this SLY & THE FAMILY STONE-freak out, Pressure Point. An incredible album on top of it all.
THE ZUTONS – Who Killed The Zutons – Deltasonic Records.

2. THE BEES – Wash In The Rain
Continuing on the theme that has the Brits ahead of the curve (nothing new), THE BEES come out with a gorgeous record for fans of THE CORAL or THE THRILLS or anyone that appreciates the ‘60’s vibe coupled with this year’s model. Great driving song - buy this import.
THE BEES – Free The Bees – EMI Records.

3. RAZORLIGHT – Golden Touch
I really added all of these bands because half of the folks I talk with these days seem to be missing all of these obvious and brilliant new releases blowing up in the UK. RAZORLIGHT was actually on FUTURE SOUNDS over a year ago before they were signed, but here they come with their full-length release on Universal International.
RAZORLIGHT – Up All Night – Universal International.

4. THE LIBERTINES – Can’t Stand Me Now
When they’re good, they’re simply amazing live. When they’re bad, it’s probably because Pete is in the pokey again for some kinda charge. A strong recommendation on this MICK JONES produced record, and this track offers a glimpse of the boys openly discussing their future and their love of playing together and staying together.
THE LIBERTINES – The Libertines – Rough Trade Records.

5. IKARA COLT – Wake In The City
I’ve been waiting for this ALEX NEWPORT produced record for what feels like forever, and while they don’t forge into new frontiers, they deliver what IKARA COLT fans ask for from the crew. This is a great record for those of you that don’t start your day until nighttime.
IKARA COLT – Modern Apprentice – Fantastic Plastic Records.

6. INTERPOL – Evil
What’s there to say about these guys that hasn’t been said before? I’m not going to attempt to turn you on to INTERPOL, rather just praise their new release that was leaked far too early, although I don’t think it will hurt the impact that this new record will have on us. Could’ve picked any of the tracks on this record – first single ‘Slow Hands’ is also excellent.
INTERPOL – Antics – Matador Records.

7. FILM SCHOOL – HarmedSan Francisco’s FILM SCHOOL has found it’s groove and looks for big things as this year closes out. Plans for a September tour to New York City and London to promote this single (on the forthcoming Fierce Panda compilation), and a date with TV ON THE RADIO at The Garage looks to attract more attention to this furious live act. ‘Harmed’ sounds Like ROBERT SMITH exploding.
FILM SCHOOL – Shock & Oar EP- Fierce Panda Records.

8. THE FAINT – I Disappear
In perhaps the quietist new release by a band everyone has been waiting for in some memory, THE FAINT dance their way back into our consciousness with their latest, Wet From Birth. Here’s another band that didn’t change their formula much from their previous release, but no one really wanted them to anyway.
THE FAINT – Wet From Birth – Saddle Creek Records.

9. EVERY MOVE A PICTURE – On The Edge Of Something Beautiful At 12 AM
A recent flurry of industry attention has San Francisco’s EVERY MOVE A PICTURE on the hot watch list everywhere. That ‘80’s sound won’t stop, and doesn’t with EMAP, but once you let it ride and just let it bop, it gives you a hook that sticks with you. Needs: Management, booking.
EVERY MOVE A PICTURE – Every Move A Picture – No label.

10. THE TWENTY-TWO’S – She Does
Combining THE B-52’S with SLEATER KINNEY, NYC’s THE TWENTY-TWO’S give us this dirty little stomp. Often compared to THE DONNAS, these girls pack more JOAN JETT than SAHARA HOTNIGHTS. Plus, you gotta love a band whose singer’s name is Jenny Christmas and the bassist is known as Terrah Schroll.
THE TWENTY-TWO’S – EP – No label.

Lead singer, Antony Ellis’ delivery gets me right off the bat on Run To Her. This band is comprised of one half Brits and one half Americans, and a twin guitar attack. Great track, full of energy and hunger like an old JAM tune.
THE FIVE O’CLOCK HEROES – Head Games (Single) – No label.

12. HOPE OF THE STATES – Nehemiah
So I am WAY late onto this record. I actually got it ages ago and didn’t give it much of a chance past the second song. Recently I put it on in the car on the drive and discovered this album that has been one of my favorite of the whole year.
HOPE OF THE STATES – The Lost Riots – Sony UK.

13. THE OPEN – Elevation
Mining the territory of ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (now you hear it) while managing their own spacey ways, THE OPEN hail from Liverpool, and they have Simon Raymonde (COCTEAU TWINS) behind the scenes and push the territory that THE VERVE covered before their demise. For fans of DOVES and ELBOW.
THE OPEN – The Silent Hours – Polydor UK.

14. APARTMENT – People
I’ve mentioned APARTMENT in previous FUTURE SOUNDS notes, but finally got the green light to let the little secret out of the bag on this band and this amazing voice! Developed in a den of sin, honestly, this London four piece are poised to do some damage before it’s all said and done.
APARTMENT – Demo – No label.

15. THE FLOOR – Isolene, I
From Edmonton, Canada (hail Gretzky) here are THE FLOOR (Don’t look down; they’re on your speakers). This is actually from their self released 2003 CD, Autonomy Off/On, but their live show and sounds have gotten the attention of weasels everywhere. First band in some time to name check THE SOUND as influences, that’s cool to me only.
THE FLOOR - Autonomy Off/On – No label.

16. THE DEPARTURE – All Mapped Out
Signed to Parlophone Records in the UK, we got this early dose of music when they were out touring with THE KILLERS earlier this year. From Northhampton, these guys were snapped up after only four months in existence- has to be a record somewhere – hope they last that long.
THE DEPARTURE – Demo – No label.

17. SINGAPORE SLING - Life Is Killing My Rock 'N' Roll
Another returning artist to FUTURE SOUNDS - you should already own their last CD if you’ve been on the list for awhile – SINGAPORE SLING is back. Dirty Scandinavians, just the way we like them. Stinky does it again!
SINGAPORE SLING - Life Is Killing My Rock 'N' Roll – Stinky Records.

18. GOSLING – Mr. Skeleton Wings
I made reference to GOSLING in last month’s FS15, so here comes an actual track of a band you will hear plenty about. From up North in Seattle, these guys were discovered first by The Control Group, after their first show ever was supporting Velvet Revolver.
GOSLING - Gosling EP – The Control Group.

19. SKINNYMAN – I’d Be Surprised
Ok, so we already have THE STREETS and DIZZEE RAZCAL, but now the UK is pumping out SKINNYMAN, another hip hop artist that isn’t doing things the old school way or dropping gangsta gangsta on you AGAIN. No flash in the pan, he’s been around awhile, just now starting to get some attention on this side of the Atlantic.
SKINNYMAN – Council Estate of Mind - Lowlife Records.

20. DAVID HOPKINS – Ginger Hair
Currently on a five-week Irish and UK tour that has him playing to crowds of 100,000 in Dublin and festival showcases in Manchester, DAVID HOPKINS gives us this breezy gem from his most recent collection of songs on the Scared Rabbit EP. Stepping up to take the crown of the next great Irish singer songwriter to rock the world, David is no stranger to FUTURE SOUNDS.
DAVID HOPKINS – Scared Rabbit EP – No label.

21. TOM BAXTER – My Declaration
Some kinda voice we have here in this TOM BAXTER guy. Who the hell is he anyway? Some say a DAVID GRAY, others a JEFF BUCKLEY, I hear more of CHRIS MARTIN than anyone. Gorgeous record, amazing voice.
TOM BAXTER – Feather & Stone – Sony Records.

I have to apologize for how late this one is and how few unsigned bands appear on this addition. Things have been a little crazy around the FTF offices and to be honest, the summer demo stack was pretty sad sack.
Here are some up and comers that were of note however:

TRANSCARGO – track: ‘If Only’ . Cool stuff with this UK band on Trunk Records.

BURNSIDE PROJECT – track: ‘Congratulations’. New York City 3 piece on Bar-None Records.

TREEWAVE – track: ‘Sleep’. Glitchers will love this young Dallas, Texas band.

THE PHOBES – track: ‘Has Anybody Seen Jane’. Part mod, part power pop, from Washington D.C.

THE RAKES – track: ’22 Grand City’. Getting tons of UK hype, nice rude boy style.

BABY – track: ‘Kiss Kiss’ – Way out there in a spacey type of way, download this one from their website.


THE DRAMA are working on the finishing touches to their full length that will follow up the fall Fierce Panda EP to be released. Just dropped by the studios recently and wow! - Sounds big. I mean, BIG.

THE KILLERS you must be sick of hearing about from me, but let’s say that things are going well in their camp. They’ve just filmed an episode of THE O.C. and will be featured on MTV2’s $2 Bill concert on September 24th. The album has cracked the Billboard Top 50 and we’re still one single into the record.

Las Vegas rapper, D JON, has completed 3 new songs that will complete a bulletproof demo CD that is headed to a short list of heads in the coming weeks. Some songs are self-produced; others are with people that have worked with Dr. Dre and Bone Thugs and Harmony.

FILM SCHOOL’s n.LANNON – that’s Nyles Lannon to you and me, is still garnering raves about his latest record, Chemical Friends. Uncut Magazine just gave him 4 out of 5 stars, citing: "Like Simon & Garfunkel reared on Loveless, or perhaps Nick Drake meets Fennesz, but N.Lannon is in a felicitous field of one."

MINT CHERRY are now mastering the final versions of their five-song demo at this very moment. I’ll feature the lead single on FUTURE SOUNDS 17, and I think you are going to freak.

Other notable releases out this month: THE DRIVE BY TRUCKERS – The Dirty South. *** THE THRILLS – ‘Whatever Happened to Corey Haim’ is out and sounds like the same kind of Thrills that we already love so much *** Another one I was late on receiving but have made up time quickly on since is THE CONCRETES. Listen to ‘Diana Ross’ and then thank me for finding a new favorite band for you. *** A disappointment is the latest record by CLINIC. Not that there isn’t moments of greatness (‘The Magician’), but it actually is slightly dull. ***I’ve heard early songs from THE MUSIC, and ‘Freedom Fighter’ should be a big hit for the boys. *** I also think that the new record by THE EARLIES is beautiful and moody and breathtaking at times. *** Have you purchased THE FUTUREHEADS yet? ***

*** Please send me your feedback on the unsigned artists, so I can share it with them - it could make the difference. -- email me @ larry@fromthefuture.org .

*** Please remember to buy music when you can - support the arts.

Accepting demos and new releases: Larry Little c/o From The Future Management, LLC. - 3872 24th Street - San Francisco, CA 94114

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

MTV2 $2 Bill Concert: THE KILLERS - September 22

MTV2 $2 Bill Concert to Feature the Killers, the Secret Machines
by Julian Wass | 09.07.2004

MTV2 has announced that its famous $2 Bill Concert will return this month with two of this year's hottest bands performing. The Killers and the Secret Machines will take the stage at the Roxy in Boston, Massachusetts on September 14, with two dollar tickets going on sale September 10 at 12 noon at the Tower Records in Harvard Square.

This year saw the Killers and the Secret Machines release their debut albums, Hot Fuss and Now Here is Nowhere, respectively; Both groups have both enjoyed huge success in the wake of critical acclaim and radio play.

The 2$ Bill Concert with the Killers and Secret Machines will premiere September 22 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT on MTV2.

n.Lannon gets 4 out of 5 in the latest UNCUT magazine

"Like Simon & Garfunkel reared on Loveless, or perhaps Nick Drake meets Fennesz, but N.Lannon is in a felicitous field of one." 4 Stars (out of 5) - Uncut

Just in case you don't have the latest Killers tour info....

Ambulance Ltd. And The Killers Team Up For North American Tour

Sure, the words killers and ambulance conjure up memories of a bad FBI sitcom but in the alternative music world these words mean, “Put on your dancing shoes and start practicing your sexiest pout!” Ambulance Ltd. and The Killers will go blazer to blazer this month as they invade the US and Canada with their hot infectious grooves. Both bands have garnered enough attention to tour on their own but together, this combo is just too good to go unseen. The last date on their tour will be The Voodoo Music Festival with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club , The Pixies, The Thrills and Lake Trout. Mark your calendar now, kids!

09.08.04 - Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada West End Cultural)
09.09.04 - Minneapolis, MN (Quest)
09.10.04 - Milwaukee, WI (The Rave at Eagles Auditorium)
09.11.04 - Chicago, IL (Metro)
09.13.04 - St. Louis, MO (Mississippi Nights)
10.01.04 - Norfolk, VA (The Norva)
10.02.04 - Philadelphia, PA (Theatre of the Living Arts)
10.03.04 - Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
10.04.04 - New York, NY (Irving Plaza)
10.05.04 - New York, NY (Irving Plaza)
10.07.04 - Boston, MA (The Roxy)
10.08.04 - Montreal, QC (Club Soda)
10.09.04 - Ottawa, ON (The Capital Music Hall)
10.11.04 - Toronto, ON (The Opera House)
10.12.04 - Detroit, MI (St. Andrews)
10.14.04 - Columbus, OH (Newport Music Hall)
10.16.04 - New Orleans, LA (Voodoo Music Festival)

-Reported by Karen León on 09/03/2004

Monday, September 06, 2004



* Pixies •
* Built to Spill •
* The Marley Brothers •
* Toots and the Maytals •
* Bebel Gilberto •
* Critters Buggin featuring All-Star Jam Finale •
* Bo Diddley with The Johnnie Johnson Band •
* Galactic •
* Sam Roberts •
* Rise Against •
* Spectrum Dance Theater •
* Kaki King •
* Nick Lowe •
* The Killers •
* Control Machete •
* Ursula Hegi •
* Will Power •
* Brainstorm 4 B-Boy Finals •
* Jonathan Raban •
* Harvey Danger •
* On The Speakers •
* The Bad Plus •
* Richmond Fontaine •
* The Turn-Ons •
* and many more!