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Friday, May 27, 2005


FTF artists performing live this weekend:

THE KILLERS @ Promowest Pavillion - Columbus, OH
D JON @ Club 5150 - Las Vegas

THE KILLERS @ Scene - Cleveland, OH

THE KILLERS @ Fox Theater - Detroit, MI - 89X Birthdaty Bash


We're extremely pleased to announce that FROM THE FUTURE MANAGEMENT will begin working with the beloved band, THE POSIES.

Posies Return with New Music Next Month
May 27, 2005

The Posies will release their first new album in nearly seven years this summer.

The band, which broke up in 1998 only to begin touring as an acoustic duo again a few years ago, will release Every Kind of Light from Rykodisc June 28. It’s the band’s first new full-length release since 1998’s Success (Pop Llama).

Duo John Auer and Ken Stringfellow reunited in 2000 for a string of acoustic appearances, and a slew of nostalgic releases began turning up: An acoustic EP marked the duo’s return to the stage, while a greatest hits collection and a boxed set tided fans over in the interim.

“Somewhere along the line of getting those things together with each other, we became an acoustic duo again – which is how we started playing, nearly 20 years ago,” Auer said in a statement. “So in essence, we returned to our roots – to use a much-abused phrase – and things just grew exponentially from there.”

Auer and Stringfellow have picked up a new rhythm section for the 2005 vintage of The Posies. Bassist Matt Harris (Oranger) and drummer Darius Minwalla (Preston School of Industry) joined the pair in Seattle’s Soundhouse in February to lay down the tracks for the new disc. Unlike previous Posies records, Every Kind of Light was written entirely in the studio by the revamped band.

“We recorded the majority of this music as four people playing off each other in a room together,” Auer said, “and we tried to keep as much as possible of what we initially put down as a group.”

“Pretty much what you hear on this record is the first or second time we played the music all the way through,” Stringfellow said in a statement, “and it really shows. It's alive.”

Rykodisc's page for the Posies is up, including the new biography and a photo. In addition, Every Kind Of Light (a larger look at the cover) can be pre-ordered for $17.

The tracklisting:

1. It's Great To Be Here Again
2. Conversations
3. All In A Day's Work
4. I Guess You're Right
5. Anything And Everything
6. Second Time Around
7. Last Crawl
8. Could He Treat You Better
9. Love Comes
10. I Finally Found A Jungle I Like
11. That Don't Fly
12. Sweethearts of Rodeo Drive

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nouvelle Vague tour dates announced

If you don't already know about Nouvelle Vague, then you have some catching up to do.
Their record, Nouvelle Vague, was one of those cd's someone turns you on to that you end up turning 20 other people onto. Amazing covers of your favorite songs done in bossa nova (Joy Division, Depeche Mode, The Clash, The Undertones).

They've announced a US tour (see below) and they are offerring up a free mp3 on ITUNES. All you have to do is email this address (iwant@luakabop.com) to get the special code you will need to access the free download. BUY THIS CD.

09.10.05 – New York, NY (Joe's Pub)
09.11.05 – Philadelphia, PA (World Café)
09.12.05 – Boston, MA (Paradise)
09.13.05 – New York, NY (Joe's Pub)
09.14.05 – New York, NY (Canal Room – CMJ)
09.15.05 – Montreal, QC (La Tulipe)
09.16.05 – Toronto, ON (Rivoli)
09.17.05 – Chicago, IL (Schuba's)
09.18.05 – Chicago, IL (Hothouse)
09.21.05 – Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)
09.22.05 – Portland, OR (Holocene)
09.24.05 – San Francisco, CA (Bimbo's)
09.25.05 – Los Angeles, CA (Tangier)
09.26.05 – Los Angeles, CA (Tangier)

Saturday, May 21, 2005


New DRAMA song mixed for SUICIDE GIRLS DVD

If you've heard enough of this "new wave resurgence" and want some good 'ol fashioned "guitar-driven rock bands" again, FROM THE FUTURE has your answer; THE DRAMA.

Singer/guitarist Joe Gregory is in town this week mixing a new track, 'The Only Escape' in Los Angeles at Sean Beavan's (Nine Inch Nails) studio with Critter (A Perfect Circle, Ministry, Gravity Kills) for the forthcoming Suicide Girls DVD to be released by Epitaph. The track sounds amazing and the placement in the DVD will also quicken your pulse.

For you FUTURE SOUNDS subscribers, you get a glimpse of another new song, STEVENSON, which in my opinion, should be a hit. Lots of interest in the band at the moment, I'll keep you filled in as it happens.....

Right now the band is offering up another song for download ('CHAINS') on their MySpace site at


KROQ Weenie Roast Set Times
I can't wait to see the Crue.........

Budweiser Stage Two
12:30-Open Air Stereo
1:00-The Dead 60's
1:30-The Bravery
2:00-Alkaline Trio
3:00-Bloc Party
3:30-Mars Volta

Main Stage
4:15-Hot Hot Heat
5:00-My Chemical Romance
5:45-Jimmy Eat World
7:15-Queens of the Stone Age
8:00-The Killers
9:45-Foo Fighters
10:45-Motley Crue

Friday, May 20, 2005


David's single, 'Amber & Green', was released today in Ireland on Reekus Records and the early reaction is tremendous. HOT PRESS named it their SINGLE OF THE FORTNIGHT and said, "Sounding like Damien Rice in theme and vocal delivery, Hopkins elects to use more instruments (including Werlitzer and mellotron flute on 'Paranoid Song'), so the overall effect makes it stand apart from the trite stripped-down-acoustic-guitar schtick. Take it that it's another step up that evolutionary ladder; intelligent, intimate and intoxicating, close your eyes and you'll think you might be in Doyle's."

Thursday, May 19, 2005



5/20 DAVID HOPKINS @ Tower Records - Dublin, IRE
5/20 DAVID HOPKINS @ The Holiday Inn - Dublin, IRE
5/21 THE KILLERS @ KROQ Weenie Roast - LA
5/21 HABITFORMING @ The Parkside - San Francisco
5/22 THE KILLERS @ Sokol Auditorium - Omaha, NE

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


For you subscribers, this should be in the mail to you by the end of the week...........

1. THE DRAMA – Stevenson
Unmastered, so turn up this demo track from the last batch of DRAMA sessions with Mark Needham in Los Angeles. A HUGE hook here, heavy drumming, isn’t it nice to actually hear some hard rock again that isn’t garbage or British? The band is gearing up to do some summer touring and hopefully I can announce something on them release-wise before too long. From The Future Management.
THE DRAMA – Demos – No label.

2. SHE WANTS REVENGE – Out Of Control
Mixing BAHAUS like vocals with the dirty, nasty late night vibe of LOUIS XIV, this is SHE WANTS REVENGE. Just signed to Interscope, this album is set for release in August. This CD has been the one I keep playing on nights getting back from the bar when you are still looking for trouble. They’ll be playing shows in May with BLOC PARTY and are scheduled to appear at the Sasquatch Festival.
SHE WANTS REVENGE – She Wants Revenge – Interscope Records.

We Want You!” makes me feel like hearing CHEAP TRICK’s ‘Surrender’ and turning it up so loud that I piss off my new upstairs neighbors. Los Angeles’ DLS thunder ahead and screech at you while they run by. I finally get to check them out this week live, report to follow online. Management: Steven Melrose.
DIRTY LITTLE SECRET –Dirty Little Secret EP – Leftwing Recordings.

4. DOGS – She’s Got A Reason
Well, if THE LIBERTINES had to break it off, someone had to step in and reap the rewards from developing that sound- why not DOGS? This single is from the debut album, 'Turn Against This Land’ out later this year. Snarling and obsessive, I love when singer Johnny Cooke belts, "I Liked You Better When You Liked Me As Well". Set to play Reading and Leeds and T in The Park this summer.
DOGS – She’s Got A Reason Single – Island Records.

5. OASIS – The Importance Of Being Idle
I know what you’re saying, “OASIS????? Why should they make it on here, they aren’t new or fresh???” Anyone that sells out multiple-night stadium shows in less than an hour certainly doesn’t need my help, but I can’t help but love this song! First single, ‘Lyla’ was a snore like their last couple records, but then I heard this gem. Is that some BEACH BOYS in there? Vintage OASIS here. I’ll give credit where credit is due; they’re back!
OASIS – Don’t Believe The Truth – Sony Records.

6. CUT COPY – Saturdays
Dan Whitford is CUT COPY. A one man, 80’s sounding machine from Australia that makes HUMAN LEAGUE meets NEW ORDER beats and grooves. I get this TOM TOM CLUB feeling here, almost DEBARGE or DE LA SOUL’s roller-skating jam, but it’s the perfect summer song. Get over yourself if you’re too cool for this one.
CUT COPY – Bright Like Neon Love – Modular Records. Release date May 18th.

7. FELIX DA HOUSECAT – Ready 2 Wear
FELIX DA HOUSECAT is nothing new to anyone inside the ‘um-cha-um-cha-um-cha’ House music world, but this track is simply too smooth and lush not to pull out of the dance floors and onto pop radio. Another great summer groover, get out of the shower, shave and get dressed to this one and you’ll strut out of the house.
FELIX DA HOUSECAT – Devin Dazzle & The Neon Fever - Emperor Norton Records.

8. THIS EPISODEParis London New York
Hell, the way I see it, we’ve almost resurrected every 80’s sound that was popular whatsoever, so why not be the new BANANARAMA?? It’s easy to disregard this tune at first listen, but play it a few times and you’ll be boppin’ along to it and renting ‘Pretty In Pink’. High energy, fun, catchy as hell. Needs: Management, booking.
THIS EPISODE – Demo – No label.

9. FANS OF KATE – Tape 23
London based five piece, FANS OF KATE actually have newer material than this out now, but I got them all at the same time and this track rung my bell. They’ve grabbed some great UK press and are about to hit the road on tour with DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS. Virtually unknown in the US - and that needs to change.
FANS OF KATE – Fans Of Kate EP – Headwrecker Records.

10. MAZARIN – We’re Already There
Damn, why didn’t this track land on the Garden State Soundtrack? Deserves to be there, so damn bouncy! Taking aim at THE SHINS, it’s MAZARIN from Philadelphia and is the masterwork of Quentin Stoltzfus, formerly of THE AZUSA PLANE. Not new to indie rock hipsters, it’s the rest of us that need to catch up. New record due out July 26th on Eye & Ear Records. Booking: Kevin French at Bigshot Touring. Needs: Publicist.
MAZARIN – We’re Already There – SpinArt! Records.

11. ARTIC MONKEYS – (I Bet That You) Look Good On The Dancefloor
Big buzz happening these days with the ARTIC MONKEYS, people seem to be pawing over themselves for this band from Sheffield. Like THE STREETS turned into a rock band, this is for fans of THE LIBERTINES and RAZORLIGHT. Currently on tour with THE CORAL and very hyped by super DJ, Steve Lamacq. Download it soon on Itunes.
ARTIC MONKEYS – Five Minutes With Artic Monkeys – Itunes release.

12. ARMY NAVY – Snakes Of Hawaii
So I’m told this track made it onto an episode of ‘The O.C.’, that makes me like it even more. I just received this self-released EP from Seattle’s ARMY NAVY after being told by many trusted Seattle sources that this band is amazing live. KEXP and WOXY and XM radio have been spinnin’ it, and now they’re on the road showing off.
ARMY NAVY – Army Navy – No label.

13. THE CHEAT – Go Home
One of the magical nights- you’re out scouting another act and the band before them blows you away. When it happens, it’s like discovering gold. That is what happened when I stumbled upon Berkeley’s THE CHEAT. Made up of four Cal Berkeley seniors, they’re about to graduate and move back down to LA and give this music business a go. Singer Jesse Nolan voice is like Ian McCulloch from ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN and the band was like TELEVISION, with almost a surf guitar kinda sound.
THE CHEAT – The Cheat EP – No label.

I have very little information on this guy except that he is from New York City, sells organic fruit at a farmer’s market in Union Square, and plays every single sound that you hear in this demo track. He’s looking to hook up with an established producer and ratchet up the sound to an even grander scale. Definitely doing his own thing and following no trends, it’s like QUEEN meets ALICE COOPER meets THE STRAY CATS.
JOHN CARPENTER – Demo – No label.

15. JENNIFER GENTLE – Universal Daughter
JENNIFER GENTLE isn’t a sweet, peaceful girl that plays guitar; it’s actually a band of two guys from Northern Italy. How did Sub Pop find them - how do they ever seem to find the goods? Sounding like an outtake from PINK FLOYD’s Piper At The Gates of Dawn, they are so psychedelic that it induces flashbacks and I end up sitting along playing the Anthem Of The Sun LP with sage incense burning.
JENNIFER GENTLE – Valende – Sub Pop Records.

16. THE NATIONAL – All The Wine
Cincinnati’s THE NATIONAL have just released their second LP on Beggars Banquet and have only gotten stronger. With a vocal delivery that mixes THE TINDERSTICKS with THE CRASH TEST DUMMIES, Matt Berninger's style and lyrics are like an amazing American gothic novel. For fans of NIC CAVE and TOM WAITS.
THE NATIONAL – Alligator – Beggars Banquet.

17. HUSKY RESCUE – Summertime Cowboy
Perhaps the CD I’ve enjoyed more than any recently, not because of hit songs or rocking music, but mostly because it is just great on the ears. Sort of like how I felt about the first GOLDFRAPP record, a complete album that grows on you with each listen. It could be the perfect soundtrack music for a new Quentin Tarantino film. For fans of AIR.
HUSKY RESCUE – Country Falls – Minty Fresh Records.

18. 13 & GODMen Of Station
Germany’s THE NOTWIST were making THE POSTAL SERVICE’s Give Up, far before that album blew up, so why shouldn’t these guys collaborate with members of Oakland’s THEMSELVES and attempt to recapture their crown, or at least some of those big dollars?
Perhaps this track and another are the only real Give Up comparisons, this is the standout song from this release, a true creeper that will get you after many plays.
13 & GOD – 13 & God – Anticon/Alien Transistor Records.

19. NOVATONE – Perfect
I’ve put Seattle’s NOVATONE on past Future Sounds, but they’ve just finished a new record with the production help from PEARL JAM’s Stone Gossard, and this one sounds like it should’ve been on the last PRINCE record (think ‘Call My Name’), it’s that creamy.
With Shawn Smith helping out with those scratchy love-vocals, this one really works for those ‘quiet storm’ moments; trust me. Needs: Management, legal, booking.
NOVATONE – The Good Machine – No label.

20. DAVID DONDERO – South Of The South
Let’s clear it up immediately; even though DAVID DONDERO does sound amazingly similar to Conor Oberst of BRIGHT EYES, it should be noted that 30 something DD has been doing this since Conor was watching Transformers. In fact, they are great friends and are both part of the Team-Love family, so this one is a no brainer. Management: Dave Freeman. Booking: Ground Control Touring.
DAVID DONDERO – South Of The South – Team-Love Records. Release date: October.

From The Future Managed bands

THE KILLERS – Still hanging in the Top 10 US albums, ‘Mr. Brightside’ has reached #7 on Top 40, and single, ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ is climbing alternative charts. The band is on a US and Canadian tour at the moment headed for Glastonbury, Reading, and shows with U2 in Europe. New songs are being debuted on audiences throughout.

FILM SCHOOL – Should be able to announce something specific very soon, but we’re close to finalizing a deal that would have the band’s full length due out by the fall. Album title is still TBD, early feedback has been positive on the new material.

DAVID HOPKINS – The single, ‘Amber & Green’ will be released May 20th on Reekus Records in Ireland, and already it’s being added to Irish radio everywhere. Hot Press named ‘Amber & Green’ the SINGLE OF THE FORTNIGHT, saying “another step up on that evolutionary ladder (Damien Rice); intelligent, intimate and intoxicating.” The Amber & Green LP will be released in August, and David is in Ireland now touring to promote the effort.


MONO IN VCFMono In VCF EP. Just came my way, big on vibe for sure, am looking forward to seeing this Seattle band live sometime soon. **** Just arriving after I burned up this month’s comp, ROCKETHOUSE on Kanine Records have a full length, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, that dropped on March 22nd for all you shoegazer fans. Vocals really close to PLACEBO. **** ESKIMO is another demo that I had in the stack that I got to too late. Producer by Alex Newport (AT THE DRIVE IN, IKARA COLT), I hope to spend some more time on this EP and have more to report to you. **** I caught a new band that was recently signed to Stinky Records, Los Angeles’ VIVA K. The demo I had received wasn’t mixed, but I’m told that Eli Janney from GIRLS AGAINST BOYS is set to take that duty. Sort of like JANES ADDICTION fronted by SIOUXSIE. **** I recently did a great road trip and listened to the new VNV NATION cd, Matter + Form -- that’s some amazing stuff – like NEW ORDER gone goth. **** That KAISER CHEIFS record finally came out stateside, Employment. Of course you’ve known about them since FS15. *** Also, you know I love BRITISH SEA POWER (FS5), their latest Open Season takes over where the last one left off. **** Did you pick up ART BRUT’s Bang Bang Rock’n Roll, on Fierce Panda Records yet? The unsung hero of the current British invasion. **** I can’t wait to get a copy of the new THE CORAL record (Deltasonic). Not sure if it’s out in the States yet, but it’s called The Invisible Invasion. **** He used to be called MANITOBA (FS3), but had to change his name to CARIBOU, and his latest, The Milk Of Human Kindness, is glitchy and excellent. **** SUPERSYSTEM is also generating a lot of buzz these days; check their release, Always Never Again, out on Touch And Go Records. **** ELECTRELANE (Too Pure) has a new release as well, Axes, and if you were a fan before of their incredible sound, this one stays right on track. ****

**** A HUGE thanks goes out to Frieda Park for all of her help on this month’s compilation.

**** Please send me your feedback on the unsigned artists, so I can share it with them - it could make the difference. -- email me @ larry@fromthefuture.org . Also, email me if you have demos or promos to send and I’ll send my new address.

*** Please remember to buy music when you can - support the arts.


Been quiet for awhile....finally set up again in my new home: LA.

I know, before you get all weird on me and tell me "don't become a LA dork", I'll make a promise to actually listen to music because I like it, always.

So, if you have demos or advance cd's you wanna send, just email me and I'll give up my new address.