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Saturday, October 28, 2006


I had to work today, which blows, but at least it means I can listen to some great music, uninterupted. Here are some of the bands and songs that have owned me this past week. Go to THE HYPE MACHINE and search to listen to these if you don't already have them.

My new favorites are:

BEACH HOUSE - http://www.myspace.com/beachhousemusic Absolutely GORGEOUS music!

LUPE FIASCO - Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor - What a refreshing and totally enjoyable CD from start to finish. Like a newer, fresher MOS DEF. BUY IT NOW! Thanks to Mollie.

BORN RUFFIANS - http://www.bornruffians.com/site/
From Ontario, Canada, these people are freaks, in the best possible way. Urgency, energy, something that seems missing by most these days. My favorite track is "This Sentence Will Ruin". Warp Records.

ALAN SINGLEY & PANTS MACHINE - http://www.alansingley.com/
ALBUM: Lovingkindness
Quirky, funny, sOOper indie rock.

THE PURRS - http://www.thepurrs.com/
I've been a HUGE fan of theirs for a few years now, and everytime one of their tracks pop on I remember how much I like 'em. Check out 'She's Gone' or 'Ebb & Flow'.

FIELDS - http://www.myspace.com/fieldsband
ALBUM: 7 From The Village
Maybe my total favorite of all of them recently. Two songs I've played dozens of times, and just keep getting pulled back to - If You Fall We All Fail - Song For The Fields.

Peter Bjorn And John - http://www.peterbjornandjohn.com/
ALBUM: Writer's Block TRACK: "Young Folks"

I don't know anything about him, but KRISTOFFER RAGNSTAM'S "Breakfast by the Mattress" off the album, Do You Want a Piece of Me is as addictive as hell. http://www.ragnstam.se/default.asp

Another great find recently is the Chicago band ROYCE. http://www.myspace.com/royce
ALBUM: Tuff Love Thanks Jimmy!

I should mention the ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT'S 'Cherry Lips' and THE INTERIORS 'I'm So Happy' while I'm at it.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Tonight in San Francisco, a club night called Lights Down Low will have a DJ set by EVERY MOVE A PICTURE's DAN AQUINO + others.
Located: 222 CLUB @ 222 HYDE & TURK

LIGHTS DOWN LOW - http://www.myspace.com/lightsdownlow

If you want something on the funky side, my favorite weekly is at the MAKE OUT ROOM, called NICKEL BAG OF FUNK. DJ Jimmy Love up in there with Duce Rock.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Because it has taken me SOOOOOOOOOOO long to get FUTURE SOUNDS 25 out (Coming soon), I've had to change it a number of times just to keep it fresh. Originally I had C.S.S. and their track, 'Alala' on the compilation because I love this Brazilian group. They seem to be online darlings, but it hasn't penetrated the masses at all, and although I'm thrilled for a purely selfish reason, I'm confused because I think they should be everywhere. These Brazilian girls are taking Baile Funk to the next level, and as usual of late, Sub Pop is on it. The record was just released in the US in September, but singles have been floating around for some time. The whole record takes MIA and flips her. Their name means ‘tired of being sexy’ in Portuguese, but these five girls (and one guy drummer) show everything from fashion to style to funk.

Rockinsider has some tracks to download in case you're living under a rock and haven't heard them.

The good news is that they are playing tonight in LA (Echo Park actually). Hell Ya! is presenting Cansei De Ser Sexy with Grand Ole Party.

C.S.S. - http://myspace.com/canseidesersexy

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


At first I thought I was getting the hype job that I'm used to getting with anything that comes via The NME (The Enemy), so when all the talk about THE KOOKS started up, I decided I would ignore it. Then "She Moves In Her Own Way" popped up on KEXP and without knowing it, I liked it. Once tempted into listening,I liked what I heard. Shame on me for generalizing.

If you haven't heard them, do a search on the Hype Machine or visit THE YELLOW STEREO and download "She Moves In Her Own Way" - then, go buy it off of Itunes.

So for those of you in LA that read, they are playing at SPACELAND tonight with San Francisco's Trainwreck Riders.

THE KOOKS - http://www.thekooks.co.uk/

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So you may or may not remember that I tipped THE KLAXONS in September (read: WATCH OUT FOR THE KLAXONS), and before I could even pump out the next FUTURE SOUNDS, they've signed with Polydor Records.
Now, anytime there's a ton of hype on a band, there's the equal amount of backlash. I've seen some pretty harsh statements about this band, attacking their tag of "new rave", which the band never coined, but was rather given as a label by yet another lazy journalist trying to over-simplify a sound or movement. Hey, they aren't saving the world with their sound, but it does have a pulse and isn't taking itself so serioiusly. I mean, does everyone have to be as 'real' as the MOUNTAIN GOATS? Ease up and enjoy, or better yet, don't listen or go to the show. More room for us.

THE KLAXONS - http://www.klaxons.net/

Saturday, October 21, 2006


If you ever watch THE DAILY SHOW (“Trend-Setting”), then you know DEMETRI MARTIN. He's a hilarious comic that is currently touring the US behind his new album, These Are Jokes. He ain't no Dane Cook (aka dumb ass).

He's also gotten involved with Microsoft at
He did a bunch of episodes as well that will be run on Comedy Central, and had FILM SCHOOL play with him on these short films.

Word is that FILM SCHOOL is busy working on the follow up album for Beggars Banquet.

DEMETRI MARTIN - http://www.demetrimartin.com/

FILM SCHOOL - http://filmschoolmusic.com


TONIGHT IN SAN FRANCISCO: Don't miss the NON STOP BHANGRA 2 Year Anniversary Party at the Rickshaw Stop - http://www.nonstopbhangra.com/diwali/

I'm not sure you've ever been to an event like this. No hipsters. No attitudes. People smiling and dancing and getting along, all to the backbone of a drum beat that is harder and more pulsing than even drum and bass. Bhangra is that 'bomp-baba-bomma-bom' sound in songs like Missy Elliott's 'Get Ur Freak On', and every rapper has a bhangra remix, so you've felt it and haven't known it. You don't have a pulse if you can be in its presence and not dance. It's been 2 years now since Jimmy and Vicky started throwing this monthly party, and it's grown to the 500 person monster it is now. If you are in the Bay Area and can get out to this, do it. You can write and thank me later.

Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, California

Oct 21 2006 9:00PM

Admission: $10 advance / Door $15

Visit http://www.nonstopbhangra.com/diwali/ for more details on our big event.


If you haven't listened to or purchased 'Tower Of Love' from JIM NOIR, then I'm not sure what your problem is. I've talked before about this brilliant Pet Sounds-meets-BETA BAND record, and now you get your chance to catch him live this December.

December Tour Dates:

5th - Safari Sams, Los Angeles
6th - Spaceland, Silver Lake, California
7th - Popscene, San Francisco, California
8th - Chop Suey, Seattle, Washington
9th - Richards On Richards, Vancouver, British Columbia
11th - First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
12th - Park West, Chicago, Illinois
13th - Opera House, Toronto, Ontario
15th - Theatre Of Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
16th - Paradise Rock Club, Boston, Massachusetts
17th - Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia
18th - State Theatre, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
19th - Bowery Ballroom, New York, New York
22nd - Rams Head Live, Baltimore, Maryland

JIM NOIR - http://www.jimnoir.com/

Friday, October 20, 2006

APARTMENT: London show - Watch video


You know I love this band if you're a FUTURE SOUNDS subscriber, and they have a video for you to download and enjoy up today as a feature on BITTORRENT.COM.

Go HERE to see the video.

APARTMENT - http://www.weareapartment.com/

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

TONIGHT IN LA: Dodo Bird & Jeffrey Luck Lucas

DODO BIRD, aka MERIC LONG, and Jeffrey Luck Lucas will be playing a very intimate event in Los Angeles tonight. Dodo Bird is a young and very talented singer songwriter from the Bay area, and you may remember his song 'Notes' on FUTURE SOUNDS 21. Jeffrey Luck Lucas has this vibe about him that reminds me of JOHNNY CASH if he were born in New Mexico or down near El Paso. Dusty, moody, and most importantly, genuine, he is a special performer.

DOWNLOAD - 'Notes'

Wednesday October 11
Dodo Bird (Meric Long)
Jeffrey Luck Lucas
@ Little Pedro's
901 E 1st St
Los Angeles, Ca
9:30 pm

More tour dates:
Thu 10/12/06 Detroit Bar Costa Mesa CA
Sat 10/14/06 BAM @ Plush Tucson AZ
Tue 10/17/06 The Proletariat Houston TX
Wed 10/18/06 Emo¹s Austin TX
Fri 10/20/06 The Bottletree Birmingham AL
Sun 10/22/06 Pilot Light Knoxville TN
Mon 10/23/06 The Earl Atlanta GA w/ Peter and the Wolf
Teus 10/24/06 Tasty World Athens GA w/ Peter and the Wolf
Wed 10/25/06 Green Bean Greensboro NC
Thu 10/26/06 LocaL 506 Chapel Hill NC w/Swearing at Motorists
Fri 10/27/06 World cafe Philadelphia PA
Sat 10/28/06 Tea Bazaar Charlottesville VA w/ Peter and the Wolf
Sun 10/29/06 Cafe Nine New Haven CT w/ the Brokedown
Mon 10/30/06 Pa's Lounge Somerville, MA
Sat 11/4/06 Pete¹s Candy Store Brooklyn NY w/Alela Diane
Sun 11/5/06 La Tazza Syracuse NY
Mon 11/6/06 Garfield Art Works Pittsburgh PA
Teus 11/7/06 Art Hospital Bloomington IN w/ Peter and the Wolf
Wed 11/8/06 Lager house Detroit MI
Thurs 11/9/06 Alchemize Cincinatti OH w/ Peter and the Wolf
Fri 11/10/06 Empty Bottle Chicago IL w/The Evangelicals and Twilight Sad
Sun 11/12/06 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines IA
Mon 11/13/06 Mick¹s Omaha nE
Tue 11/14/06 Bender¹s Denver cO
Wed 11/15/06 Broken Record Salt Lake City UT
Thu 11/16/06 Satellite Reno NV
Fri 11/17/06 Festival Big Sur CA
Thu 11/30/06 Amnesia San Francisco CA

Meric Long - www.myspace.com/mericlong
Jeffrey Luck Lucas - http://jeffreylucklucas.com/

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


THE VLA (FUTURE SOUNDS 24)perform tonight at 9:45pm at THE ECHO. Word is that they are getting lots of looks - it's about time.

THE VLA - myspace.com/thevlaband

Thursday, October 05, 2006

EMAP is CNET Music's Pick of the Day

4 1/2 STARS for EVERY MOVE A PICTURE'S "Heart = Weapon"
Go to CNET's MUSICDOWNLOAD.COM and stream the entire album.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


SF WEEKLY MUSIC AWARDS... I just voted and noticed that tomorrow is the last day to vote...PLEASE place your vote for EVERY MOVE A PICTURE in the Electro, Electronic, Experimental (The AV Club) category.

PLACE YOUR VOTE HERE: http://www.sfweekly.com/poll/music_awards/

The SF WEEKLY MUSIC AWARDS - Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at the Warfield Theatre

Live Performance by:

* The Coup
* Every Move a Picture
* Scissors for Lefty
* Adrian and Mysterious D
* MC: Sterling James
* and more!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Photo by Julie Schuchard

INDIE 103.1fm presents...




@ The Viper Room. Hollywood.


LEMON SUN - myspace.com/lemonsun