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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Our new favorite band from Vancouver, Canada happens to be in town tonight @ The Mint - YUKON BLONDE. If you haven't heard them yet, or their brilliant self-titled record on Nevado Records, then you need to investigate, quickly. From front-to-back, it's one of the most enjoyable listens I've had in some time. You definitely hear the Pacific Northwest influences of say FLEET FOXES, but it also has a real jingle-jangle to it that isn't all folk, a la a band like DR DOG. Immediately tracks like "Loyal Man" and "Babies Don't Like Blue Anymore" jump out at me as favorites, but then, almost like a WILCO record, the other songs start pulling their weight to create a song-by-song bridge through the entire collection of songs.

We like them so much that they've actually just been added to Monday's RUMBLE: SEATTLE @ The Havana Social Club in Capitol Hill. They'll be playing with PEPPER RABBIT and THE GLOBES, making that show the perfect kick-off to anyone's week.

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