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Friday, May 28, 2004

Harry Potter loves THE KILLERS

Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe a Killers fan:
What music are you listening to at the moment?

Daniel: I've got into bands like The Pixies in a major way, The Zutons, The Libertines, The Cribs, The Strokes. Nirvana, I've just bought the Nirvana anthology which is amazing. And there's a Las Vegas synth-rock band called The Killers - who aren't that aggressive - and are brilliant!


Nyles Lannon plays tonight at THE ELBO ROOM (San Francsico)

The Elbo Room - San Francisco
Doors 9:30pm $8
Our Lady of the Highway
Nyles Lannon (Film School)
Jeffrey Luck Lucas
Tommy Guerrero

More on Nyles



1. AMBULANCE LTD – Primitive (The Way I Treat You)
“Relax, don’t think about, the way I treat you.” What a groove here, sleazy and brooding. Brooklyn’s AMBULANCE LTD gives us this VELVET UNDERGROUND-RIDE-LUNA-WIRE mash up of styles, recorded in London with Producer Jim Abbiss (PLACEBO, MASSIVE ATTACK). The album combines shoegazing and psychedelic textures and still manages to be dirty and rocking. They do their best impressions of their heroes pretty convincingly.

2. GIANT DRAG – This Isn’t It
Los Angeles’ GIANT DRAG bang out ‘This Isn’t It’, which has actually been out for some time (’03) but popped back into my mp3 player to my pleasant surprise. Reminding me a little of MAZZY STAR or BETTIE SERVERT, this two-piece obviously grew up on a steady diet of HOLE and NIRVANA. They’ve done the Spaceland residency bit, and are getting attention. Got mine.
GIANT DRAG – Lemona EP – No label.

3. COMMUNIQUé – Perfect Weapon
Here’s a record that I think fans of INTERPOL or FRANZ FERDINAND should go out and buy – ‘Poison Arrows’. From start to finish this one is loaded with quality songs, making it nearly impossible to select my favorite. Just another one of the great bands emerging from the Oakland scene these days, these guys nailed it on this record!
COMMUNIQUé – Poison Arrows – Lookout Records. Release date June 15.

Primarily the mad invention of Joseph Donhowe, the Chicago native that - together with his band mates – create the EMOTIONAL REC CLUB. Produced by Keith Cleversley (FLAMING LIPS, MERCURY REV), the EMOTIONAL REC CLUB are looking for booking and have a full length’s worth of music ready to go.
EMOTIONAL REC CLUB – Emotional Rec Club – Outcrowd Records.

5. THE COLOUR – Mirror Ball
More CURE influences are heard from this young four-piece from Chicago, but their demos generally get compared to THE POLICE or even THE STYLE COUNCIL. Formed in August of 2003 in Whittier, CA, they are currently in the studio working on 6 new songs, this being one of the first to slip out of those sessions. Needs: Booking.
THE COLOUR – Adam Rough Mixes – No label.

The Canadians are invading and starting to melt down into New York City. Opening for the likes of TV ON THE RADIO, THE STILLS, and THE UNICORNS, these kids are beginning to catch hold and frontwoman, Nirmala Basnayake has star potential. This record is out on Paper Bag Records in Canada, and has no strings attached elsewhere. Like BERLIN, BLONDIE or PSUEDO ECHO, it also has enough of the new retro sound to work - even has the ROCKWELL-MJ “Somebody’s Watching Me” reference.

7. PARADISE BOYS – The Young And The Guestlist
Disco music, didn’t they miss that trend already? Not so, as San Francisco’s PARADISE BOYS have created their own category, Frisco Disco. The mastermind behind it all is DJ Jefrodisiac, but to my surprise they are actually a full band. Nothing-serious here, just grooves for dancing, borrowing from ESG and the GANG OF FOUR while giving it a modern DFA style spin. Needs: Booking.
PARADISE BOYS – The Young And The Guestlist – Pricehouse Records.

8. FRESHKILLS – Taste Of Metal
Brooklyn’s FRESHKILLS are another NYC area band that seem to be hanging out with all the kool kids like YEAH YEAH YEAHS, TV ON THE RADIO and THE FIERY FURNACES. Insider club aside, these guys bring it with ‘Taste Of Metal’, and throughout their freshly created 5 song demo that just popped through my mail slot. Needs: Booking, management and a deal.
FRESHKILLS – Demo – No label.

9. THE HOLD STEADY – The Swish
Another band out of Brooklyn, THE HOLD STEADY sound like MOTORHEAD’s Lemmy fronting AC/DC. Bordering on straight up classic rock, these guys are hell on wheels live and are heading over to London for shows with LES SAVY FAV before returning to the US to play dates with THE THERMALS and RUNNER & THE THERMODYNAMICS. Filled with whack lyrics like, “My name is Neal Schon but people call me Nina Simone”. These guys aren’t your typical Brooklyn warehouse hipsters.
THE HOLD STEADY – Almost Killed Me – Frenchkiss Records.

10. RIFF RANDOM – There Is No Love
Australia’s RIFF RANDOM site SONIC YOUTH and THE STOOGES as their influences (It’ll be pretty obvious to you), while sounding like THE LIBERTINES or THE ELECTRIC EYE. These guys have been out on the road with JET and THE DATSUNS and it shows. Getting some spins on XFM in London recently, could they be the next down under wonder?
RIFF RANDOM – The Random Love EP – No label.

11. SNOWDEN – Kill The Power
Is it just me, or has the rash of JOY DIVISION devotees spread all over your body? Mind you that I won’t complain about it. Atlanta’s SNOWDEN show dashes of RADIOHEAD as well as THE CURE in their approach and delivery. This EP is ideal for anyone that is still waiting around for INTERPOL to put out their next release. Currently working on a full length, they are looking for management, booking, legal and a label deal.
SNOWDEN – Snowden EP – No label.

12. MUR – Let It Go
From Dallas, Texas, it’s MUR. Sounding like a mix between SIGOR ROS and COLDPLAY, this song is simply gorgeous! It swirls and rises and is build around Max Hartman’s booming vocals. The band is moving to LA this August to make it happen, and it should pretty quickly based on the tracks I’ve heard. Needs: Booking, legal, and management.
MUR – Mur – No label.

13. KEANE – Somewhere Only We Know
So with this type of sound, you are either TRAVIS or you are COLDPLAY, and KEANE fall on the COLDPLAY side, as singer Tom Chaplin's voice is both lush and memorable. This three piece that use pianos over guitars, are from Sussex and have already gone platinum in the UK with this release, and now it is finally getting over to the US. NME darlings for months, these guys begin their first US tour in June
KEANE – Hopes And Fears – Interscope Records. Release date May 25th.

14. THE CHANGES – Why Did You Wait So Long?
Chicago’s THE CHANGES are another band that gets compared to THE POLICE often, and sometimes JOE JACKSON or STEELY DAN, but I must say they also seem to have some jazz chops and the ability to groove. ‘Why Did You Wait So Long’ does just that -drops into a groove and rides comfortably from start to finish. They’ve been opening up for THE WALKMEN and HOT HOT HEAT recently, and shouldn’t stay unsigned for long. These five songs will have to hold us over until the full length is finished.
THE CHANGES – First Of May – No label.

15. PAS/CAL – What Happened To The Sand
It’s easy to dub PAS/CAL the US version of BELLE & SEBASTIAN, just listen to it. Hints of THE SHINS, this is perfect chamber pop. The band is currently in the studio before playing dates in New York City and the Rock City Festival in Detroit this summer. I just like any tune that rolls out with “Screaming Mama” like FRANKI VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS. Needs: Management and a label deal.
PAS/CAL – Oh Honey, We’re Ridiculous EP – No label.

I know what you are thinking, GRANDADDY. Come on, you hear a little bit of THE HOLLIES in there as well? Well this will make sense of it all, as THE SILENT LEAGUE started originally as a solo idea by singer/keyboardist Justin Russo (MERCURY REV). Sounds like it could’ve been on ‘Deserters Song’ now, right? This is now a working band that is all over the NYC scene. Needs booking.
THE SILENT LEAGUE – The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused – File-13 Records.

17. SILVERSTATE – Plastic Rose
Now this is a true baby band, having just formed officially in December of 2003 in Las Vegas. This is like a ‘70’s TV theme song mixed with a little DARRYL HALL for good measure, but with a big WEEZER-y chugging ending. They are currently working on their full length and are looking for a booking and a label deal. Heading out for shows in LA this summer.
SILVERSTATE – Silverstate EP – No label.

18. STRINGS OF THE TONGUE – A Polar Attraction
Alright, I agree, that intro has to go, but once you get past it, ‘A Polar Attraction’ really opens up into a rocker. Seattle’s STRINGS OF THE TONGUE are yet another big STING/THE POLICE linkage happening here (how many is that this month?), but it blends well with this emo-tastic tune. Needs: Booking, legal, and management.
STRINGS OF THE TONGUE – Demo – No label.

19. BRAZIL – Escape
The success of THE MARS VOLTA and COHEED & CAMBRIA have opened up the doors for the big, new-prog sound that BRAZIL does so very well. Hailing from Muncie, Indiana, these guys will be out this summer on the Vans Warped Tour.
BRAZIL – A Hostage And The Meaning Of Life – Fearless Records.

20. CALEXICO – Alone Again Or
So what if this is a cover, I love LOVE and I love CALEXICO’s version of this classic tune. The band does their best to make every song they put out seem like it could be apart of the soundtrack to any spaghetti western that you can remember. These guys reek of the Tucson, Arizona desert.
CALEXICO – Convict Pool – Quarterstick Records.

21. THE RIDERS – Just One Heart
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN + BOB DYLAN + BRUCE HORNSBY + THE BAND = THE RIDERS. Youngsters from LA, they sound wise beyond their years, or old for their age. This band could topple the likes of LOS LONELY BOYS or LOS LOBOS for the Hot AC crown. Needs: Booking, legal, management, and a label deal.
THE RIDERS – The Riders Demo – No label.


I had to make some tough cuts this month for there truly isn’t enough room on just one 80 minute CD-R to fit them all. I left some off from bands that you already know about and that are on labels with enough money to promote them just fine. Here are some others that are worth checking into:

MISSION OF BURMA – Track: Wounded World – OnoffON – Matador Records.
One word: LEGENDS. I’m not sure I can even begin to do MISSION OF BURMA proper justice by giving you a clever description, so I’d rather have you read ‘Our Band Could Be Your Life’ so you can ‘recognize’ if for some reason you don’t know. I’m thrilled that they are back after years of retirement. They still sound relevant and powerful, Matador must be pinching themselves.

MCLUSKY – The Difference Between Me And You Is That I’m Not On Fire – Too Pure Records/Beggars. One of my favorite bands out there, finally following up their amazing last LP, McLusky Do Dallas.

THE MEETING PLACES – Track: See Through You - Find Yourself Along The Way - Words On Music Records.LA’s THE MEETING PLACES have softness, something kind of dreamy and distant. Needs: Booking and management.

THE STANDARD – Track: Metropolitan. From Portland, Oregon. Cool stuff out on Yep Roc Records.
AMP FIDDLER – Track: I Believe In You. If you are a fan of VAN HUNT, you’ll freak on AMP FIDDLER. He is part soul and part house (that’s where your record store will file him). Genuine Records. Buy it.

PHOENIX – Alphabetical – Source Records. If you purchased the Lost In Translation Soundtrack, and fell in love with the PHOENIX song on there, you finally get to hear what a full length from these frenchies sounds like. I’ll come out and let you know, it is a completely enjoyable, great listen through and through.

DENISE JAMES – Track: Come Home To Me - It's Not Enough To Love - Rainbow Quartz Records.
This one slipped by me when it came out in February, but better late than never I say. DENISE JAMES is fantastic, sounding like she stepped out of the ‘60’s on this number, like a great FIFTH DIMENSION or PETULA CLARK tune. This one makes me wanna say things like “groovy” or “way out”.

JOLIE HOLLAND – Track: Old Fashioned Morphine. Off the wonderful release, Escondida (Anti Records).

DIVISION OF LAURA LEE – DasNotCompute – Epitaph Records. More amazing music from Sweden’s freak-out attack band. Track: Sneaking Up On Mr. Prez.

IDIOT PILOT – From Bellingham, Washington, these high schoolers just signed to Reprise Records and sound like RADIOHEAD infused by AT THE DRIVE IN. Wild stuff. Track: To Buy A Gun.


THE KILLERS release their debut record on Island Def Jam on June 15th. Hot Fuss is what it’s called, and a hot fuss is what is happening with those boys. Having just played Coachella and dates with MORRISSEY and STELLASTARR*, they are headed back to the UK to support their second single, Mr. Brightside.

TIME IN MALTA are scheduled to let fly their mammoth sophomore LP on Equal Vision Records on June 29th. Look out for the first single, Bear Witness and for this touring machine throughout the rest of the year.

FILM SCHOOL are working in the studio this month to compose new tracks and complete a full length. Their live sets are only getting hotter, as they just set an attendance record at a San Francisco venue this past weekend and are headed down to LA for some industry shows.

DAVID HOPKINS is yet another FTF artist that is in the studio this month, working to complete his next full length. David has been getting press in Ireland’s Hot Press magazine and specialty spins on Dublin’s 2FM.

FROM THE FUTURE also has some crazy surprises up our sleeves for you. We have some new projects in development that are going to turn everyone’s heads. Stay tuned for more….


No matter how high my expectations are for the new WILCO record that is due out in June, I’ve streamed A Ghost Is Born and I’m already sure I’m going to love them all over again *** While we are talking about the big kids, that new BEASTIE BOYS tune sounds pretty catchy. Thought we were going to get them busting out at Coachella this year, but we’ll get plenty of them for sure this year.**** LORETTA LYNN is cool. New album out now, JACK WHITE produces; let’s just hope he doesn’t beat her up later.*** GOMEZ has a new record out as well on Virgin Records, called Split The Difference.*** ALEXISONFIRE – this band will be releasing their next record on Equal Vision Records on June 29th. These Canadians can rip it up, look out for this album.
*** If you really dig something on this list, especially the unsigned artists, send me an email with some comments, as I seriously share them with the bands/artists and the feedback is extremely helpful. -- email me @ larry@fromthefuture.org

***I strongly encourage you to go out and BUY these artists if you like what you hear. Support the arts.***
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