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Saturday, April 10, 2010


THE RUMBLE: SAN DIEGO @ Bar Pink has become one of the most eagerly anticipated club nights in SD, bringing together a diverse and art-driven community in North Park each month. Tonight, the April edition of The Rumble happens with some of San Diego's best upstarts as well as our new best friends, PEPPER RABBIT.

Here's who is playing the party...

WRITER is comprised of brothers, Andy and James Ralph. We've had the pleasure of hearing their new EP and the new sound is less pop and more eclectic than their previous release, Blood Drops. We are really diggin it and are look forward to hearing the new songs live.

Traveling through the west coast Rumble Tour is LA's psych-pop act PEPPER RABBIT. We've had the pleasure of seeing them on Rumbles dating back to SXSW recently, and their brand of music - THE SHINS meets LOCAL NATIVES feels right on. You've never seen a few guys do as much at the same time than PR, multi-tasking made to look easy.

Also on the bill are BLACK MAMBA, led by Aimee Sanchez who's timeless voice perfectly lays over airy songs that make you feel warm and fuzzy. Coming off the 2009 Golden Birthday EP (Single Screen Records) released last year, Black Mamba continues to make new music and we hope they have a new release this year.

Lastly, if you aren't hip to the JAMUEL SAXON remix craze, get on it! Given that couple, Keith Milgaten and Aimee Sanchez from BLACK MAMBA and the Ralph brothers from WRITER make up this dancey group, it's only fitting to have them collab on the tables for our Rumble night.

Of course on top of the FREE entry, we have beer specials brought to us by TRUMER PILS all night.

This FREE monthly, indie-rock night is brought to you by Future Sounds, Indigenous Promotions, SDdialed In, M-Theory Music and SDCity Beat.

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