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Friday, October 22, 2004

THE KILLERS - Elton John - David Bowie......

Story in NME..................


THE KILLERS have just returned from a jet-setting and celebrity studded jaunt of Europe and North America.

Our exclusive picture shows the moment Las Vegas’ finest met piano-tinkling motor mouth Elton John backstage in Paris. The star had asked the band to perform as part of a ‘Trafik Musique’ Elton John television special (September 27).

Although recently bad-mouthing many of the world’s top stars, Elton took a shining to The Killers and has arranged to take Brandon and the boys out to dinner when he next in Las Vegas.

The Killers soon jetted off to New York where they followed in Franz Ferdinand’s footsteps in being congratulated by David Bowie, who turned up to see the band play at the city’s Irving Plaza (October 5), along with producer Tony Visconti.

The group were invited to play on the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ the following night (October 6), where they tore through ‘Somebody Told Me’ – expected to be re-released in the UK in January 2005.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Get out and see the FUTURE live this week.....

FROM THE FUTURE bands touring this week..........

10-19-04 The Killers @ Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, TX
10-19-04 n.Lannon @ Relative Theory Records, Norfolk, VA
10-20-04 The Killers @ New Daisy Theater in Memphis, TN
10-20-04 n.Lannon @ The Room, Charlotte, NC
10-21-04 The Killers @ Granada Theater in Lawrence, KS
10-21-04 David Hopkins @ Amnesia, San Francisco, CA
10-21-04 n.Lannon @ Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC
10-22-04 The Killers @ Bluebird Theatre, Denver, CO
10-22-04 n.Lannon @ MillCreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
10-23-04 The Killers @ Tempe Beach Park, Tempe, AZ w/Jimmy Eat World
10-23-04 n.Lannon @ Quiet Storm, Pittsburgh, PA

Monday, October 18, 2004

FILM SCHOOL gets 4 Kerrangs out of 5 in the latest issue....

The Barfly, London

Clearly a band eager to make the most of flying across the Atlantic, San Francisco's Film School are rather remarkably - playing a different London venue every single night this week. Tonight they're being observed by a crowd so 'indie' there are members of Scottish whingers Travis here.

Stumbling onto the stage and immersing the room in a wall of noise akin to one of Sonic Youth's more experimental outros sets the tone for a set that seamlessly mingles jangling Jesus And Mary Chain guitar blocks, dark experimentalism, subtle keyboard infustions, emo proclamations and vocals that frequently echo Robert Smith.

Sure they lack any semblance of personality between songs, and aren't all that bothered about giving the crowd something interesting to look at, but they have this roomfull pretty enthralled.

Film School get truly epic at times, but their real charm is their ability to build songs up to a point where you assume they can go no further, before making the soar even higher. Though they fail to hold it completely together tonight, at their best these SF alt-rockers are utterly enchanting.

Worth looking out for.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Don't miss

...The KILLERS...

performing their hit single

"Somebody Told Me"
The Late Show with David Letterman

Wednesday, October 6th

n.Lannon 'Chemical Friends' tour dates announced


West Coast w/Thee More Shallows:

TUE Oct 5, Placebo, Arcata, w/TMS
WED Oct 6, Chop Suey, Seattle w/TMS, Hypatia Lake
FRI Oct 8, Department of Safety, Anacortes, WA, w/TMS
SAT Oct 9, Music Millinium Instore, Portland 6:30pm,
SUN Oct 10, Mainzer, Merced, CA, w/TMS, Built Like
Alaska, Seamus
MON Oct 11, Knitting Factory, LA, w/TMS, Nik Freitas
TUE Oct 12, Hemlock Tavern, SF, w/TMS, This is a
Process of a Still Life

East Coast and Midwest w/Bitter, Bitter Weeks:

THU Oct 14, Pianos, NYC CMJ Badman Showcase
FRI Oct 15, Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, w/BBW - Free
SAT Oct 16, DC 9, Wash DC w/BBW and Wash. Social Club
SUN Oct 17, Mojo Baltimore, Baltimore MD w/BBW
MON Oct 18, Gravity Lounge, Charlottesville, VA w/BBW
TUE Oct 19, Relative Theory Records, Norfolk, VA,
w/Delegate and BBW
WED Oct 20, gate.city.noise Instore, Greensboro, NC,
3:30pm w/BBW
WED Oct 20, The Room, Charlotte, NC w/The Virginia
Reel and BBW
THU Oct 21, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC w/BBW and The
FRI Oct 22, MillCreek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA, w/BBW,
Mazarin (acoustic)
SAT Oct 23, Quiet Storm, Pittsburgh, PA, w/BBW and
Scott Carney
SUN Oct 24, OFF
MON Oct 25, TBA
TUE Oct 26, Reckless Records Instore (3157 N.
Broadway), Chicago w/BBW
TUE Oct 26, Schubas, Chicago w/BBW and Poison Arrows
WED Oct 27, Southgate House, Louisville, KY, w/BBW
THU Oct 28, TBA
FRI Oct 29, TBA
SAT Oct 30, Earlham College Richmond, IN, w/Earlimart,
Destroyer, Asobi Seksu, and BBW
WED Nov 3, Amoeba SF Instore, CA
WED Nov 3, 12 Galaxies, SF w/Continental and Meric
SUN Nov 7, Live105 radio interview and performance, SF

THU Nov 11, Brussels, Belgium at the Botanique
SAT Nov 13, Offenbach, Germany, at the Moschee
SUN Nov 14, Berlin, Germany, at the Mudd Club
w/Koschka and Suska Lovestar
Nov 15-17 Holland (check site for updates)
Nov 18-20 UK (check site for updates)

Recent Press:
"The most depressingly gorgeous album since Elliott
Smith's Either/Or." Paste Magazine

"Like Simon & Garfunkel reared on Loveless, or perhaps
Nick Drake meets Fennesz, n.Lannon is in a felicitous
field of one." Uncut Magazine

"A fascinating listen."
E! Online

Friday, October 01, 2004




of shitfaced journos at SXSX last March. They crib heavily from a post-rock colossi such as Trail of Dead Being hailed as the saviours of shoegazing might sound more of an underhand slur than an actual compliment, but it didn't stop San Francisco's Film School from wowing a gaggle, Cave In and Sunny Day Real Estate (RIP) to produce the sprawling shadow-play of 'Harmed', available this week from the link at the base of this page. Those left intrigued by its crystalline brilliance can catch Film School at London Camden Barfly (September 22), London Shoreditch On The Rocks (23), London Highbury Upstairs At The Garage (24) and London W1 Metro (25).

After you download, you'll get the following:

Once you've heard the tracks, we want to know what you think of them. Please choose your favourite below and hit the submit button.
1) Help She Can't Swim
2) Film School
3) Host