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Thursday, September 07, 2006


So after hearing them on the Steve Lemacq show, apparently I'm way late on this band, THE KLAXONS, from the UK. Reading some reviews on them they are supposed to be some kind of new age ravers, but I can only go by the tracks I was lucky enough to snag off blogs. 'Gravity's Rainbow' (is that a Pynchon reference?) has been on non-stop rotation, so I've included it below. Turns into a hyper freak-out by songs end, like the BEE GEES on speed. 'Atlantis To Interzone' continues on this DR WHO acid trip, manic but structured. Sort of reminds me of something THE CORAL would put together for some huge pagen celebration, like the one at the end of the Tom Hanks version of 'Dragnet'. The kind of song for a King Kong human sacrafice. I love the urgency. Hope they bring it live.

Download their track, “Atlantis to Interzone” (mp3)here. (thanks Bigstereo)
Or their amazing song, 'Gravity's Rainbow' here (thanks 20jazzfunkgreats)

THE KLAXONS - http://klaxons.net/

Hey, TRIPWIRE, stop copying me, jeezh! Check out today's (Friday) post:

Band To Watch - Klaxons

Familiar with Klaxons? If not then you will be very soon. Their rave meets punk beats are infections and beg the listener to dance. After achiving some cult success with "Gravity Rainbow" earlier this year, Klaxons are now ready to conquer America. Want to see what we mean? Check out the MP3 and video below. Or, if you are brave enough, go see them live in NYC in a few weeks. Something tells me this is gonna be good.

09.19.06 - New York, NY (Club Midway)
09.21.06 - New York, NY (Studio B) w/ Soulwax

Xan Valleys EP, coming out October 10:
01. "Gravity's Rainbow"
02. "Atlantis To Interzone"
03. "4 Horsemen of 2012"
04. "The Bouncer"
05. "Gravity's Rainbow Van She Remix"
06. "Atlantis To Interzone Crystal Castles Remix"

"Atlantis To Interzone" MP3

By Erin Chandler Sep 08, 2006 in News


Blogger 20jazzfunkgreats said...

Like it says on the front page (and probably evey other blog)

"Please do not link directly to the mp3s, if you like what we do be polite enough to link to the post itself (or Davros will get you)."

1:58 PM  
Blogger lldope said...

Two very different reviews of the KLAXONS live:

First one:
I was somewhat excited to see the Klaxons last night at the Soulwax show. But that's because I had no idea they were basically a sloppy version of Beep Beep. I should have realized that "rave revival" really means "three-year-old dancepunk" (what?). Absolutely nothing redeeming about their set. Just fucking rubbish. Thankfully Soulwax blew my mind. So sick.

Review 2:
i saw klaxons at midway on tuesday and i kinda liked them.
soulwax blew minds...really?

8:55 AM  

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