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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


At first I thought I was getting the hype job that I'm used to getting with anything that comes via The NME (The Enemy), so when all the talk about THE KOOKS started up, I decided I would ignore it. Then "She Moves In Her Own Way" popped up on KEXP and without knowing it, I liked it. Once tempted into listening,I liked what I heard. Shame on me for generalizing.

If you haven't heard them, do a search on the Hype Machine or visit THE YELLOW STEREO and download "She Moves In Her Own Way" - then, go buy it off of Itunes.

So for those of you in LA that read, they are playing at SPACELAND tonight with San Francisco's Trainwreck Riders.

THE KOOKS - http://www.thekooks.co.uk/


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