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Friday, May 27, 2005


We're extremely pleased to announce that FROM THE FUTURE MANAGEMENT will begin working with the beloved band, THE POSIES.

Posies Return with New Music Next Month
May 27, 2005

The Posies will release their first new album in nearly seven years this summer.

The band, which broke up in 1998 only to begin touring as an acoustic duo again a few years ago, will release Every Kind of Light from Rykodisc June 28. It’s the band’s first new full-length release since 1998’s Success (Pop Llama).

Duo John Auer and Ken Stringfellow reunited in 2000 for a string of acoustic appearances, and a slew of nostalgic releases began turning up: An acoustic EP marked the duo’s return to the stage, while a greatest hits collection and a boxed set tided fans over in the interim.

“Somewhere along the line of getting those things together with each other, we became an acoustic duo again – which is how we started playing, nearly 20 years ago,” Auer said in a statement. “So in essence, we returned to our roots – to use a much-abused phrase – and things just grew exponentially from there.”

Auer and Stringfellow have picked up a new rhythm section for the 2005 vintage of The Posies. Bassist Matt Harris (Oranger) and drummer Darius Minwalla (Preston School of Industry) joined the pair in Seattle’s Soundhouse in February to lay down the tracks for the new disc. Unlike previous Posies records, Every Kind of Light was written entirely in the studio by the revamped band.

“We recorded the majority of this music as four people playing off each other in a room together,” Auer said, “and we tried to keep as much as possible of what we initially put down as a group.”

“Pretty much what you hear on this record is the first or second time we played the music all the way through,” Stringfellow said in a statement, “and it really shows. It's alive.”

Rykodisc's page for the Posies is up, including the new biography and a photo. In addition, Every Kind Of Light (a larger look at the cover) can be pre-ordered for $17.

The tracklisting:

1. It's Great To Be Here Again
2. Conversations
3. All In A Day's Work
4. I Guess You're Right
5. Anything And Everything
6. Second Time Around
7. Last Crawl
8. Could He Treat You Better
9. Love Comes
10. I Finally Found A Jungle I Like
11. That Don't Fly
12. Sweethearts of Rodeo Drive


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