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Sunday, March 07, 2010


Thanks to everyone who came out to 3 Clubs Thursday night for The Rumble LA. San Diego's BEATERS treated those early-comers to a solid set blending snotty, swirling bedroom punk with tribal-like cacophony and a room-filling wall-of-sound crutch that was almost impossible to ignore. No wonder standouts "Fishage" and "White Hate" have already become FS staples.

TWIN TIGERS showed the packed back room a little something about this whole shoegaze-laced-guitar thing that the the blogosphere seems to be paddling through for air these days. Just expecting great things from this outfit is one thing, but seeing their sound grow to fill venue walls in the future seems like a near certainty for this Athens, GA about-to-break foursome.

Night-closers RUMSPRINGA near-lived up to their tag as "LA's best-kept secret" with a guitar/drum take on blues-soaked, riffed-out rock tunes that oddly-enough got most of the first few rows flailing like a Prince set (no doubt thanks to 808 bleeps from a sometimes third member) while the rest of the room (myself included) wondered just how they haven't ever seen the band before.

-Posted by Matt Draper

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