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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


It's dubbed as the 'Noise Pop Hangover Party' for good reason, because everyone OD'd on great music over the course of last week and weekend with NP2010 at work, but going cold turkey is never a good idea, it's all about the easin' in........so we've provided your segue back into life after 5 bands a night - THE RUMBLE: SAN FRANCISCO.

Headlining the event is a band that since last year - when they supported DEERHUNTER at the Noise Pop opening night show - has grown into a five-piece and has evolved their live show into a true performance - LILOFEE. Kimi and Co. will bring their Knife-like beats and lights to The Rumble along with a band that made tracks all the way from Athens, Georgia - TWIN TIGERS. Forced to celebrate the release day of their record - 'Gray Waves' - from the road in Texas and New Mexico, en route to the Bay area, they'll be packing heat upon arrival. They roll in after having CD release parties in Athens and Atlanta before heading west to Rumble. Opening up is STRIPMALL ARCHITECTURE, a band we've only recently come to know, but now we realize we go back with them through members in HALOU, the super cool, downtempo-Massive Attack like unit, and a drummer we used to have drinks with all the time at Murio's Trophy Room. Our resident DJ, and our piece of the rock - DJ BAGEL TED - will handled the duties between bands, playing all the kind of tracks that has kept Bagel Radio nominated annually as one of the best online radio stations anywhere.

Another treat for your hangover is more hair of the dog - TRUMER PILS beer specials all night!

The party is FREE if you bother to RSVP here before 5pm -- http://sonicliving.com/rumble27

The Rumble: San Francisco is brought to you by Future Sounds, The Owl Mag, Bagel Radio, The Bay Bridged, Noise Pop, SF Bay Guardian, Mr Roboto Presents, Stranded In Stereo and Spin Earth.

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