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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


The wheels on the van operated by Athens based TWIN TIGERS are spinning somewhere on their way to San Francisco at the moment, somewhere in New Mexico on release day for their sprawling full-length, "Gray Waves" in order to make it to tomorrow night's RUMBLE: SAN FRANCISCO @ Cafe Du Nord.

For us, after stumbling upon them in Nashville when they played our FS/WOXY showcase at Next Big Nashville last fall, it was musical heaven, after hearing this four-piece pulverize the audience in the Exit Inn with GUITARS. That's right, guitars, and don't they sound good! I'm as much of a fan of the instant gratification indie-electro movement as the next freak, but the ones that I commit to permanent members of the vinyl collection always seem to come back to one of two things - classic songwriting and music that has substance. 'Gray Waves' (Old Flame) may be their first full-length output, but it provides us a glimpse of a band that has much more to say. 'Passive Idol' is the track on the record that proves they will get there, but it's the fuzzy, rawk of 'Sexless Love' or 'Red Fox Run' that identifies how their foundations are built. If the early '90's are back then the TT's are the working model of taking the past influences and sprinkling plenty of 2010 fury on top to make it contemporary.

"Gray Waves" is available on iTunes and all other digital outlets.

The band is on the road playing THE RUMBLE dates and others:
March 3-San Francisco, CA- The Rumble: SF @ Cafe Du Nord
March 4-Los Angeles, CA- The Rumble: LA @ 3 of Clubs
March 6-San Diego, CA- The Rumble: San Diego @Bar Pink
March 7-Los Angeles, CA-Viper Room
March 9-Los Angeles, CA- Future Sounds Presents @ The Echo
March 10-Long Beach, CA-Alex’s Bar
March 12-Las Vegas, NV-The Aruba *Neon Reverb Festival/The Rumble: Las Vegas
March 17-20-Austin, TX-SXSW

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