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Saturday, March 06, 2010


In case you didn't make it out to last month's RUMBLE: SAN DIEGO @ Bar Pink, or couldn't get in, we've made fast friends with our new venue home and are already snuggly and warm. This month we have got quite a show for you, complete with bands that you can't miss and will probably be the last time you see these bands play venues this size.

Headlining are the mighty SD act - BEATERS. We heard 'Fishage' and flipped out, and others must have as well as the band is set to support THE SOFT PACK on a US tour following SXSW. They just opened up the Rumble: LA on Thursday night and they have their art-rock/noise penetration down to a science. On their home turf at the Rumble they will be rolling deep.

Coming all the way from Athens, Georgia and dropping their record - 'Gray Waves' - yesterday on Old Flame Records, it's TWIN TIGERS. Think Silversun Pickups meets Primal Scream with a touch of Sonic Youth and you're getting close. Like those influences/comparisons? The live show is even better, especially after just coming off a US tour with Minus The Bear and The Antlers. Don't sleep on this band.

Also playing the party and a band that's dear to our hearts here at Future Sounds, is the San Francisco act, BIRDS & BATTERIES. We caught them a couple of SXSW's ago and we're hooked. We've been playing their latest effort, and especially track "The Villain" often on the FS radio show on WOXY. The band is currently working on their next release - they don't sleep.

The guest DJ for the night is DJ MIKEY FACE and the whole evening will feature TRUMER PILS beer specials and, oh yeah, it's FREE!

So great bands + beer + Free = where you are spending your Saturday night.

The Rumble: San Diego is brought to you by Future Sounds, Indigenous, SDdialed In, SD City Beat, Trumer Pils, WOXY.COM, M-Theory Records and Spin Earth.

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