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Friday, October 22, 2004

THE KILLERS - Elton John - David Bowie......

Story in NME..................


THE KILLERS have just returned from a jet-setting and celebrity studded jaunt of Europe and North America.

Our exclusive picture shows the moment Las Vegas’ finest met piano-tinkling motor mouth Elton John backstage in Paris. The star had asked the band to perform as part of a ‘Trafik Musique’ Elton John television special (September 27).

Although recently bad-mouthing many of the world’s top stars, Elton took a shining to The Killers and has arranged to take Brandon and the boys out to dinner when he next in Las Vegas.

The Killers soon jetted off to New York where they followed in Franz Ferdinand’s footsteps in being congratulated by David Bowie, who turned up to see the band play at the city’s Irving Plaza (October 5), along with producer Tony Visconti.

The group were invited to play on the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ the following night (October 6), where they tore through ‘Somebody Told Me’ – expected to be re-released in the UK in January 2005.


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