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Thursday, September 30, 2004

FILM SCHOOL take London

Film School just got back from a whirlwind trip to New York City, Manchester, and London.

The NYC shows were great, night one was at SIN-e, where they played with The Head Set.
Click HERE to see pictures from that night.

Night two was at the Delancey, here is what what one fan wrote to us:
"Dear Film Schoolers:

Thanks for an excellent show at the Delancy on Saturday night. As a San
Francisco exile I've been waiting many moons for you guys to make it out to
the East Coast, and you did not disappoint. Come back soon.

You also probably noticed that none other than Geraldo Rivera himself was in
the audience, complete with two leather-clad hired goons and a raft of drunk
chicks. What you might not have caught was him yelling "Yeah! Film School!
Yeah!" as you guys wrapped up. Amazing."

Manchester's IN THE CITY music festival was next up. We were up against a Manchester United football game, heavy rain, and a band from Ireland that thought they were the Spacemen 3. Seriously, but without all the drugs.

The week in London was highlighted by great shows with TV ON THE RADIO (The Garage), THE MAGIC NUMBERS (Barfly), and the final night at The Metro. Some nice press love from NME, The Fly, Kerrang!, and Time Out London.

Thanks to everyone that helped us out on this trip, we'll be back.


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