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Thursday, January 07, 2010


It's here - THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES burns tonight at 3 Clubs with 3 bands we love on a silver platter for FREE. AUSHUA, CHASING KINGS & CAT PARTY with DJ's S.i.S. will handle all the entertaining. Watch the National Championship game at the bar before the party kicks off with John and the Longhorn fans.

For once, don't be sooooo LA tonight and get there early for a change and catch a band whose 7"'s and EP's have owned me, and look for their track, "Tar & Feathers" to appear on Future Sound 34 (due out hopefully by the end of January) - CAT PARTY.

"Once upon a summer we were desperate to be younger still..."

The lyrics pulled straight from the title track of the CHASING KINGS EP, "The Current State Of Our Future", these youngsters have old souls. See the interview below for more on these guys.

Headlining the party is the band from Santa Ana known as AUSHUA, who are showing off their latest EP, "Limbo" at shows all over Southern California recently, and tonight we get the treat. We meant to do a nice interview with them and hear more about this new output of tracks but time kept on slipping, slipping, slipping...into the future....

The party is FREE and brought to you by Future Sounds, RM64, BMI, Buzzbands.LA, Stranded In Stereo, WOXY, The Owl Mag and Spin Earth.

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