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Monday, January 04, 2010


Happy New Year!

If you are like us, you've had your fill of down time, Mom's pies, bad television, and it's time to shake off the holidays and get back on the street and see some live music. This Thursday, THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES returns to 3 Clubs with a line up that will force you back into the game.

AUSHUA, a local band we fell for back when we had "Sister Saves" grace Future Sounds 30 back in October '07. They've only gotten stronger and are out showing off their new material.

CHASING KINGS - A trusted source first turned us onto their new material, and songs like "This Town" have earned a regular spot on the weekly Future Sounds playlist on WOXY. Can't wait to see this band live.

CAT PARTY- We basically started stalking this band soon after hearing early demos and 7" vinyl only releases, then just got their EP. Look for them to appear on upcoming Future Sounds releases, be sure to get to the show early so you don't miss this potential break out act of 2010.

The lovely ladies that are DJ S.i.S. spin everything without pretension as our resident DJ's.

The party is FREE and brought to you by Future Sounds, RM64, BMI, Buzzbands.LA, Stranded In Stereo, WOXY, The Owl Mag and Spin Earth.

3 CLUBS is located on the corner of Vine and Santa Monica Blvd.

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