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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Photo courtesy of Timothy Norris

This past Thursday night, a true collision of genres presented itself, as the historic Wiltern Theater hosted a diverse night of musical gratification featuring THE ANTLERS and the EDITORS.

Brooklyn based band, The Antlers were an absolute delight, filling the ornate walls of the venue with their dreamy, yet sparse gems. Playing selected favorites of their 2009 release Hospice, The Antlers were utterly enchanting. Led by Peter Silberman, The Antlers, make beautifully haunting music, the kind of sounds that stay with you. The acoustics of this vintage venue combined with Silberman’s high vocal range resulted in an amazingly memorable set. The quite intensity of tracks like “Bear” and “Two” possessing the power to seep into your veins; their swirly, billowy sound most definitely resonating.

Headliners, the Editors displayed their knack for creating anthem-esque tunes, as these Birmingham natives displayed their technical prowess, producing an arena quality sound better suited for festivals. Shades of Interpol and Joy Division abound, the Editors are easily one of the better semi-mainstream Brit synth-pop bands to come across the pond.
With a set list heavily populated with cuts off their newest release, In This Light and On This Evening, tracks such as “You Don’t Know Love” and “The Big Exit” most definitely highlighted the band’s new direction complimented by Chris Urbanowicz’s guitar work. Old fav’s “Lights” and “Blood,” both off the critically acclaimed 2005 debut, The Back Room. They finished up the nearly 90-minute set with “Walk the Fleet Road” and “Papillion,” along with soaring renditions of “Munich,” and “Fingers in the Factories” nicely rounded out their four-song encore. Judging by the crowd, it’s safe to assume that Tom Smith and company have tapped into the Morrissey/Smiths Los Angeles fan base and won’t have a problem filling the house at their next West Coast show.

Post by Veronica Pulcini

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