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Thursday, February 11, 2010


We've been building our beast in other towns, each one prepping us for the day we got to open our doors to THE RUMBLE in Austin, Texas, the indie rock capitol of the US. At long last - TONIGHT - we are thrilled to bring you THE RUMBLE: AUSTIN @ Beerland.

Austin marks our eighth city in the Rumble circuit, and it's sort of a homecoming in that our family - WOXY - lives and breathes in Austin, and it's home to us every year for SXSW and ACL. Future Sounds and WOXY have teamed up with other like-minded folks like WATERLOO RECORDS, THE AUSTINIST, THE ONION AV CLUB and SPIN EARTH to bring you this monthly party that is always FREE, and always promised to bring you amazing live acts from up-and-comers as well as surprises from time to time.

Headlining this inaugural party is TV TORSO, someone we've been enjoying plenty on the WOXY airwaves with a touch of Spoon and a touch of class in their sound.

Another act we've been following closely from out West, DIRTY DANCING will also perform. This is some dark music, think Tom Waits meets The Bad Seeds. This act could break out because after all, no one puts baby in a corner.

Opening up the Rumble is the youngsters that are making their rounds and creating their own culture - THE HAPPEN-INS. Reminiscent of when The Stones bled old Blues records starting out, The Happen-Ins have had their fair share of nights with their John Lee Hooker records.

The WOXY DJ's will be handling the music, as they always do, between the acts and did we already mention that this party is FREE?

BEERLAND is located at 711 Red River Street

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