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Friday, March 27, 2009


Next Thursday night in Los Angeles, THE RUMBLE: LA returns for the April installment at 3 Clubs with three great bands and our resident DJ's MiCHAEL, fresh from their SXSW trip where they killed it at HOT FREAKS and the PURE VOLUME closing night party. RADEMACHER, a band we've loved since stumbling on them in July of 2005 are finally getting the credit and attention they deserve, and are headlining the party. In from Austin, Texas are THE FRONTIER BROTHERS, a band we're insanely lucky to have scored for the party. If you haven't seen this band, or heard their brilliant release, "Space Punk Starlet", do so. Here's a sample, "Kickstand Woman" (mp3). The third band is a Future Sounds band, SIMON SAYS NO from Oslo, Norway. They'll be coming in on fumes from the Rumble: SF on Wednesday night, watch out for Simon the guitarist, there's something special happening with that guy.

Download "Sleeping Heart" from Simon Says No (mp3)

If you haven't been out to a Rumble party, what's wrong with you? This isn't a hipster night, it's about supporting up and coming bands, surrounded by people that seem like old friends you left behind in your home towns before moving to a town full of VIP lists and fair weather friends. The 3 Clubs is a dirty/dark drinking hole that's absolutely perfect for rock and roll. The tiny backroom where the band's play is intimate and you'll get a closer look at the artists than you probably bargain for.

It's free to get in if you RSVP here > http://sonicliving.com/therumble-LA
It's $5 at the door if you just show up. Thanks to Ivan Minsloff for our poster this month!

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