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Thursday, November 06, 2008


You are not going to want to miss the trifecta of talent that we're dishing up at THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES tonight. Opening up is a band we were happy to catch at SXSW, BIRDS & BATTERIES from San Francisco. We've been chasing them for ages so their appearance tonight will be special. And if last night's micro-set by THE BLACKS at The Rumble: San Francisco is any indication of what the band will do with a full set to run wild on, then we're in for a night of abuse. Closing out the evening is the band that is grabbing plenty of attention in LA these days within the industry, a band that still can generate a gaggle of A&R reps in a time when there aren't many left - THE YELLING. The band is currently featured on ITUNES. Our resident DJ's, MiCHAEL, also seem to be stars on the rise locally and each month they've been pushing the party harder from the decks.

So maybe you're still recovering from the Obama hangover, or maybe you're on a lucky streak so you should keep it going, but hell, it's only $5 or FREE if you RSVP at http://sonicliving.com/therumble-LA

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