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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Tonight you have some choices. The bad daddy of a show is taking place over at the Echo where FS favorites, THE HEAVY, do their heavy funk, nasty bass, CURTIS MAYFIELD howlin' jams with some support from another English freak, POP LEVI, who destroyed our RUMBLE party in September. THE GRAY KID handles his business as good as anyone.

Meanwhile, across town on the Sunset strip at The Roxy, the UK act WHITE LIES headlines another complete bill. We've played the hell out of their single "Death" on the FS radio show, and now's the chance to see them live in the States. I heard mixed reports on JAPANESE MOTORS live, although people chatter about them, but the band we worship here at the office, THE YELLING, hits the stage at 8PM. This young LA band could very well become a household name in the coming years as they mature into the huge potential that oozes from them.

Decisions - decisions.........

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