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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Pregnant woman goes into labor in voting line and she comes back to vote anyway...

I just saw this on CNN, and had to share it. Our dear friend and BMI representative is so hardcore!!!

This is what happened....
My wife is 9+ months pregnant with a due date of November 19th. She was in line waiting to vote this morning when her water broke and she went into labor before being able to cast her ballot. We rushed her to the hospital but she insisted on voting, so after having the doctor check her, she went back to the polls, contractions and all, and cast her ballot.
Just wanted to share this with your readers and viewers so that they no there's no excuse to not vote!!! :-)

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Blogger JAX said...

OMG! I cannot believe that is so awesome for her!!!!!

10:10 AM  

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