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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Every once in awhile, the world does something right to someone good. Case in point, infamous radio host and hit predictor RODNEY BINGENHEIMER is set to get a star with HIS name on it on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 7 at 11am. Hopefully you've rented the amazing documentary by George Hickenlooper, The Mayor of Sunset Strip, and got a glimpse into the life and experiences of a guy that has been entangled and fueling the LA music scene since the mid '60's. From running and curating the ENGLISH DISC on the Sunset Strip, to his years of service on radio giant, KROQ-FM. What I love most about what Rodney stands for is that he's a true disc jockey, in the classic sense of the word. The Rodney on the Rock Show, Sunday nights from Midnight to 3AM, is what in an ideal world, all radio would be like. Here you aren't getting what's been tested by random phone surveys, you're getting a point of view. Rodney gives you a look into his mind, his taste, his year's of experience now filtering through what's new - recognizing what has a pulse, some style, some glammor, and what's fun. I mean, who else plays the same band/s, multiple times in the same set? Sometimes even the same song, or even a whole side of an album, just because he loves it. "Terrestrial" radio bores the holy hell out of me, it has absolutely nothing to offer me that I haven't heard a million times before. KROQ is actually one of the worst offenders, playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and Nine Inch Nails at a minimum of 50 times a day. Radio plays what pays, I understand that, it's just sad that we're limited to these lifeless confines. There is nothing urgent, nothing daring about radio, nothing with a personality that isn't talk radio. Thank God for podcasts, streaming, pirate radio, and my ipod. Thank God for Rodney Bingenheimer.


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