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Wednesday, December 06, 2006



MP3: Film School & Demetri Martin: "Electric Brain"

Hmm, so this comedy stuff-- it's no indie rock, but it is pretty funny! And now we get both in one cute little package, as New York jokester Demetri Martin has teamed with San Francisco cinematic rockers Film School and graphic artist/sitarist Michael Gillette to craft this rhyme-instense psychedelic ditty. Seuss would be proud. So would Timothy Leary.

"Electric Brain", as it's called, was put together for a Martin comedy short of the same name, the third of six episodes now playing at www.clearification.com. Film School, together with Martin, contribute music to the other sketches as well. The "Electric Brain" short itself is a bit, ahem, short on laughs, but we do get some trippy Yellow Submarine style animation to accompany the tune. Significantly kinder to your funny bone: the website's animated Martin, perched upon a bird's nest with a messenger bag draped over his shoulder, rambling randomness and delighting in the desultory. It's a good look.

Download MP3: Film School & Demetri Martin: Electric Brain

Posted by Matthew Solarski in audio, collaboration, comedy on Tue: 12-05-06: 11:30 AM CST


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