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Friday, December 08, 2006


Here's some of the newer stuff I've been enjoying this week:
1. THE WOMBATS - http://www.thewombats.co.uk/
London 3 piece just dropped their EP on KIDS. Take your pick here, all 3 tracks will grab ya - The Wombats - Patricia the Stripper (my favorite)
Download songs on COME PICK ME UP

2. LIONS & TIGERS - http://www.myspace.com/lionsandtigersnyc
New York City band (by way of Martha's Vineyard) have an EP called "Witch" floating around that from what I'm streamed from their Myspace page, sounds very interesting. People calling them 'post punk', comparing them to WIRE, PUBLIC IMAGE LTD, and THE RAPTURE.
THE DELI MAGAZINE has "Zaire" available for download HERE.

3. THE BLOW - http://www.theblow.us/
Track: "Pile Of Gold"
The kind of silliness you'd expect from anything on K Records. This one has crossover potential, a good dancey groove, get ready for some remixes of this one.

Herky, jerky stuff. It might not be the newest sound out there, but at least they do it right. From Brighton, they are on Fiction (Polydor) in the UK, the (e)NME(y) love 'em, and it's just spreading over to the US. I dig the tracks 'Bicycles' and 'Latchmere', off the album with the same name - Latchmere.

5. HOLY SHIT - http://www.veryholyshit.com/
An LA band, with a distant, mysterious vibe. I haven't seen it live, but they are on my radar now. Download songs off their Web site at http://www.veryholyshit.com/songs.html

I seem to be drawn back to GIRL TALK a few times every day (track: Minute By Minute), just for a good laugh and 50 great samples per song. Also, going back for THE RADIO DEPT. (Pulling Our Weight) and of course, 'Lazy Eye' and 'Well Thought Out Wrinkles' by THE SILVERSUN PICKUPS.


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