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Thursday, December 07, 2006

LEMON SUN - "Telephone, Are You Alive" video

Lemon Sun - “Telephone, Are You Alive”
Directed by Jason Argyropoulos

LEMON SUN's video for 'Telephone' got some attention on video site, SHOTSRINGOUT: http://www.shotsringout.com/

The Band: is Lemon Sun and they are a small group from Southern California that are hoping to break away from that obscurity with the help of their December residency at the Echo in Silver Lake as well as this sharply shot/made/edited video for their song ‘Telephone, Are You Alive’. I wish them the best and I have a feeling they will pull it off.

The Track: is a response to the torment, band leader Rob experienced over not being able to communicate with his sister when she was in NY during the 9/11 tragedy and again in London during the subway bombings. I guess I would be frustrated too, seeing as how society seems to be so ‘connected’ in its modern age, and all it takes is a bit of terror to crash our dependent forms of communication.

The Video: belongs to Jason Argyropoulos, an up and coming director out of the Southern California area also. Despite his green status, the kids been busy, three music videos for the year (among some PSA’s and minor film work), this one being his second ever and what a great job he does. From the mouth/hands of the director; “The style of the video was fed from tons of experimental pictures — the hope was not to get too messy with it and just have this balance of exciting tricks that can be remembered from all kinds of old avant-garde films on up through the decades.” And I agree. My effects tally runs; stop motion, body cam, shadow boxing, kaleidoscoping, floating phones on wires, and a few others that I’m not smart enough to name. They all add up to a fun and well thought out video that was executed to perfection. You can check some of his other stuff over at his production company Tree Filmworks; told you he has his shit together.

I’ll tell you one thing about Lemon Sun though, if they don’t impress you with their music, they will definitely do it with their art. Not sure who the artist in the bunch is, maybe a bandmate or friend of a friend, but whoever it is they do some damn fine work. Check their website for the evidence, and apparently their new EP that will be available during their Echo residency will feature amazing artwork too. I believe it!

Update: The artist has been revealed as S. Phansavanh and you can check out his stellar work here and here.

Go catch the band play at the Echo: Show Dates

Dec 5 2006 8:30P
The Echo ~ residency w/ THE OUTLINE, THE WAR TAPES (THE POP KIDS) Echo Park (Los Angeles)

Dec 12 2006 8:00P
The Echo ~ residency w/ LOW VS. DIAMOND, SATISFACTION & ASTRA HEIGHTS Echo Park (Los Angeles)

Dec 19 2006 8:00P
The Echo ~ residency w/ JETFUEL, THE CHEAT, Special Guests Echo Park (Los Angeles)


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