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Monday, August 31, 2009


Future Sounds is thrilled to be a part of the return to the music scene by UNITED STATE OF ELECTRONICA and their latest release, "LOVEWORLD". We had them kick off our Rumble: Seattle party and we're absolutely floored by their live show. Future Sounds featured U.S.E on Future Sounds 18 in February of 2005 after hearing the single, "Emerald City" and downloading their entire record for FREE, long before Radiohead or NIN ever even considered such a concept. That DIY attitude has always resonated with Future Sounds and The Rumble Tour reflects the theme that bands have more opportunity today than ever before to get their music heard in unique and groundbreaking ways.

U.S.E (aka United State of Electronica) is set to release its forthcoming second album, L O V E W O R L D on October 20 via a new partnership between Mannheim Worldwide and The Rebel Group. The CD release date will be preceded by a digital release on September 8.

U.S.E is an experience, a seven-piece party.
Check out this track, "K.I.S.S.I.N.G." and you'll see what you are about to be in for. U.S.E were one of the first bands that I can remember back in 2004 to give away their entire album for Free, and they still continue to record and perform to the beat of their own drum. We cannot stress strongly enough about how your life needs to experience U.S.E.

Download "K.I.S.S.I.N.G." (mp3)

SPIN gave recently gave U.S.E's L O V E W O R L D an 8/10 ranking, and said, "Any indie dude can bawl a sad song, but singing a genuinely uplifting one is tougher. Conjuring the communal spirits of both club music and underground rock, this seven-piece Seattle act pack their emphatically nonautomated Europop with arena-rock guitars, giddy girlie vocals, and vocoders set to stun. Rewriting the rainbow positivity of old Philly soul anthems with an English-as-second-language earnestness that amplifies their band-of-outsiders bliss, these atypical party people ride a love train that doesn't stop chugging until the final track. They just won't allow you to mope." Meanwhile The Stranger says of the band, "U.S.E are the feel-good band of the decade, hands down (I mean, up).

So THE RUMBLE West Coast dates are in for September, here are the line ups:

September 8 @ Holocene
Hello Electric
United State Of Electronica
Dr. Helicopter

September 9 @ Harlot
United State Of Electronica
Pance Party
Guest DJ Amplive

September 10 @ 3 Clubs
Prayer (Formerly The Library)
United State Of Electronica
The Dance Party

September 13 @ The Casbah
United State Of Electronica
The Jakes

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! Gonna be so rad to see them again!

10:06 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the band Replica (LOL) but U.S.E. is my boyz (and girlz). Gonna see them in L.A.

8:50 AM  
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