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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


1. HABITFORMING – Only So Many Days
I’ve previewed HABITFORMING once before (FS14), this time the San Francisco four-piece are stepping out of the chicken shack, armed with tight chops and a finished full length. The entire record is an experience, part PINK FLOYD - part CLASH. Full of fire and brimstone and talk of the rapture - you think they are a little worried about the Bush affect on the world? Write me if you’d like their promo CD.
HABITFORMING – Involved – No label.

2. KASABIAN - Club Foot
Often described as THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS meet THE STONE ROSES, this record actually came out in the UK last September, but is finally washing up on the US shores now, and based on their impressive appearance on alternative radio, are making some inroads. Some of you should remember KASABIAN from way back (FS09), they’ve obviously grown since December ’03, as this tribal chant brings to mind a healthy PRIMAL SCREAM.
KASABIAN – Kasabian – BMG.

3. DIAMOND NIGHTS – The Girls Attractive
Whenever someone says that they found the modern day T. REX, you’ll at least get me to stop and give something a listen. If their stage presence is anything like Mr. Bolan’s, and if the songs are this good, then I’m intrigued to say the least. This one sounds like BILLY IDOL fronting THE CARS to me. Download HERE.
DIAMOND NIGHTS – Once We Were Diamonds – Kemando Records. Release date: March.

4. TEGAN AND SARA – Walking With A Ghost
Canadians are invading everything - THE ARCADE FIRE - THE DEARS – BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE - FEFE DOBSON… I have kicked myself ever since I left these girls (identical twin sisters) off of FUTURE SOUNDS years ago with their last release, as the song ‘I Hear Noises’ owned me for months. So it’s make up time, and this time they don’t need any help, they should break through on their own.
TEGAN AND SARA – So Jealous – Vapor Records.

5. BABYSHAMBLES – Killamangiro
Pete Doherty’s lifestyle choices are so overdone and over-hyped that I won’t even help glamorize the former LIBERTINES star here, but even with his new band, BABYSHAMBLES, one things for sure is that the guy has an obvious talent. A great bar romp, “a drinker”, bubbling over and catching on everywhere, but in America.
BABYSHAMBLES – Babyshambles – Phantom Records.

6. EDITORS – Bullets
"If something has to change then it always does.” Now this guy has a voice! Kind of like a big SIMPLE MINDS tune, this song creeps on you like a disease. Formerly under the name, SNOWFIELD, we heard them originally playing with THE KILLERS, but have since moved to Birmingham, changed names and signed to Kitchenware Records for their first release. XFM and Zane Lowe @ Radio 1 has been rockin’ them (Single of the week).
EDITORS – Demo – Kitchenware Records.

7. MAGNETA LANE – Their Party Days
More Canadians? That’s right, this time it’s three gals that my friend described as the female FRANZ FERDINAND when tipped. I suppose it is for their “angular” jerkiness, but you don’t get that in this track, which if far more BLONDIE or CHRISSIE HYNDE. They are set out to tour Canada and the UK on this six-song EP on Paperbag Records in January-February.
MAGNETA LANE – The Constant Lover - Paperbag Records.

8. KINGS OF LEON – Slow Night. So Long
These guys don’t need my help, you should know them by now and will for sure after they finish this huge U2 tour in 2005. This record seemed to take forever to release in America, so we’re just getting it, but it was one of my favorites of 2004. I could’ve picked any song on the record, the point being, great record- go buy it, now.
KINGS OF LEON – A Ha Shake Heartbreak – RCA Records.

9. THE MARS VOLTA – The Widow
Here’s another act that shouldn’t need any help, but I simply love this song. Sounds like some lost ZEPPELIN tune, this one drops HUGE! Slithering, pounding, lots of production, give those MARS VOLTA boys their due, that’s my plan.
THE MARS VOLTA – The Widow Single – Universal Records. Release date: March 1.

10. STARS OF THE CITY – Jetplane

This Irish band is no stranger to FUTURE SOUNDS, and I’ll make no bones about my love for their music. STARS OF THE CITY have made some line-up changes, and cut a new batch of demos that prove their evolving at a staggering clip. The pieces have fallen into place, and SOTC are ready for bigger things. TPS Management.
STARS OF THE CITY – Demo – No label.

11. THE HEAVENLY STATES - King Epiphany
This San Francisco band has been slowly building their audience, paying their dues, and suddenly, if you’ve picked up Newsweek, listened to NPR, or read Reuters or the London Guardian (or the upcoming Time Magazine), you’ll see the world is catching up. Last week they were the first US rock band in over 3 decades to play in Libya this February. For fans of MODEST MOUSE, DINOSAUR JR. and TED LEO.
THE HEAVENLY STATES – The Heavenly States – Baria Records.

12. IO - Your Subterranean Autumn
New York’s IO, a four piece that loves indie rock music (obviously), give us this WEEZER with a dash of PIXIES track that sounds ready for alternative radio formats everywhere. Pretty damn catchy if you ask me (who did?), with some PUMPKINS influences in there as well.
IO – Demo – No label.

13. SAINTS + LOVERS – Kiss It Goodbye

Hmm, is this track off ‘How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb’??? Another NYC band, SAINTS + LOVERS spin your head around for hours. Formerly the SONS OF SOUND (legal trouble), this act is lead by the talented, Dennis Cahlo, and is beginning to buzz.
SAINTS + LOVERS – Demo – No label.

14. HARD-FI – Living For The Weekend
West London’s HARD-FI were the recent winners of a label bidding war, ending up on Atlantic Records (thru Necessary), this track is off their early demos while they are getting attention for their first single, “Cash Machine”, just about everywhere in the UK.
HARD-FI – Demo – Necessary Records.

15. THE IMMEDIATE – Never Seen
Dublin’s THE IMMEDIATE are the Irish version of New York’s THE WALKMEN, (although I also hear THE MONKEES). Turn this one up, as it’s not mastered yet, but you’ll get the idea of their first single on Fierce Panda Records, ‘Never Seen’, getting raised eyebrows everywhere. Steve Lamacq is pumping it, NME digs it, how about you?
THE IMMEDIATE – The Immediate – Fierce Panda Records.

16. 69CORP – Demon Seed
Forget DEATH IN VEGAS, there’s a new freak fest in town: 69CORP. Our Present To The Future is their debut record on Something in Construction, a headphone to dance floor experience that I highly recommend. The new remix kings; they’ve just finished tweaking tunes by THE BRAVERY, BLOC PARTY, THE RAVONETTES, and new CURE songs.
69CORP – Our Present To The Future – Something In Construction.

17. SOFT – You Make Me Wanna Die
I haven’t been able to find out much information on this NYC band, other than some pictures and mp3’s, but this band shows promise even if it is early days here. Raised on the Manchester sound of THE STONE ROSES-HAPPY MONDAYS – not SOFT.
SOFT – The Demo - No label.


Wait a minute; did Capitol Records really sign these guys?? This isn’t slick, this isn’t radio, this is good music??? The whole record, Self Help Serenade, is gorgeous! Makes me like that Andy Slater more with each listen. Almost like a lost AM radio classic, for fans of DOVES and ELECTRELANE.
MARJORIE FAIR – Self Help Serenade – Capitol Records. Release date: March.

19. BLACK MOUNTAIN – Druganaut
Canadians again, dammit! Vancouver’s BLACK MOUNTAIN come off with this track, ‘Druganaut’, like a trippy BECK. I like this one on repeat, it creeps along and gives me this DEEP PURPLE – SABBATH – BLUE CHEER- meets Psychedelic Shack type of vibe.
BLACK MOUNTAIN – Black Mountain – Jagjaguwar Records.

Sacramento’s THE EVENING EPISODE blend a sense of trip-hop with THE SUNDAYS, resulting in a dreamy EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL kind of goth tune. Wish I had more info for you, just received this late night demo CD and had to share.
THE EVENING EPISODE – The Evening Episode – No label.

Think the US version of DAFT PUNK and you’ve nailed U.S.E., AKA the UNITED STATES OF ELECTRONICA. What fun you can have with a vocoder! They offer their entire CD for download on their website, and every song matches this one’s fun and energy. For fans of IAN POOLEY or ETIENNE DE CRECY.



MOHAIR – track: End Of The Line. Should’ve made it on this FS, however didn’t have a quality version of it in time. Hooky, in a THE CORAL- THE BEES type of way.

THE PARISIANS – track: I’ve Got To Go. The French version of THE LIBERTINES.

ELEPHONE – track: Style/Style. San Francisco’s answer to NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL meets DESTROYER.

FALCONHAWK – album: Hotmouth. Impressive record on Saved By Radio (that’s right, a Canadian label). Also check out VAILHALEN – Becs d’oiseaux (Saved By Radio).

EMILIANA TORRINI – album: Fisherman’s Woman (Rough Trade). Gorgeous voice, for all the ladies that love MAZZY STAR or BJORK.

BROOKVILLE – album: Wonderfully Nothing (Unfiltered Records). The guy from IVY making music like THE POSTAL SERVICE.

KID CASANOVA – album: Kid Casanova (Self Released). Inspired by THE HOUSEMARTINS and DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS, and that’s cool enough for me. Track: Radio.

– album: Dub Will Tear Us Apart 12” (The Social Registry). Maybe this one is just a one off - niche album, but who doesn’t want to hear JOY DIVISION in dub???

DOWNTOWN – track: Twilight. Mulder and Flood worked on this, what more do you need to know?



THE KILLERS – Since we last met, our little darlings went platinum in the States, were nominated for 3 Grammies, 2 Brit Awards, held the #1 album spot in the UK, and performed on Saturday Night Live. Currently headlining the NME Awards Tour, some European dates, and then off to Japan, and we’re only on the second single.

FILM SCHOOL – As we speak they are in the studio finishing up their full length; the band’s new material is only getting stronger and meatier. Plans already in place for a mini-tour with ROGUE WAVE in February, a Noise Pop showcase with THE WALKMEN, and some amazing shows at SXSW. Once completed, I’m hoping to deliver the good news to you on their new home.

DAVID HOPKINS – So besides the fact that Mr. Heartbreak has fallen in love again and has proposed, moved to New York City, and disbanded his band, we’re all excited to announce that David has completed a deal with Ireland’s REEKUS RECORDS and should have an album out over there come March. The best songwriter that no one knows about, anywhere.

THE DRAMA – Another band with a lot happening and many changes taking place. Having just got back from a quick UK run of shows in London, they groundswell is beginning to bubble over for this three piece that has just moved from Sacramento to Seattle. Grunge roots in place, they’ve been grabbing some excellent press and the new material is, and you can mark my words on this, a bona fide hit in the making.



My favorite R&B group going, SHARON JONES & THE DAPTONES, have released their follow up on Daptone Records, called Naturally **** The new record (The Great Destroyer) by normally quite, LOW, is anything but their usual dream music. Released on Sub Pop, very interesting. **** M83 - I love everything about M83. Perfect music that should be a household name. Electronica music from heaven, check out Before The Dawn Heals Us (Mute). ***** GRAHAM COXSON’s, Happiness in Magazines is finally being released stateside on Astralwerks. Check out Freaking Out. ****


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