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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Tonight, after you are finished watching the VP Debate farce, which promises to be great television, go out and celebrate that Palin is now helping our cause at THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES. For all you embarrassed Republicans out there that feel like they need to connect with the rural roots, the 3 Of Clubs is the perfect dive bar for you to drink away your sorrows. No elitists in this joint, just good beer.

Driving out from North Carolina to play tonight at 9:30pm are
THE NOISES 10, a band that's graced a number of FS compilations over the years, and tonight they'll be celebrating the release of their latest CD, produced by Eric Valentine and recorded a stone's throw from the club.

Following up will be Dave Stewart's kid,
DJANGO JAMES & THE MIDNIGHT SQUIRES. He's young in years but he has the stage presence of a cagey veteran. If you haven't heard "Givin' Tree" on my radio program or around town, nows the time to listen.

Headlining the evening is the band from Cincinnati, Ohio,
BAD VEINS. I've been looking forward to see this band live for some time and as dumb luck/timing would have it, we got to book them while they are visiting LA for shows.

Our resident DJ's,
MiCHAEL, are a couple of guys from USC that know how to throw parties and turn them out. I heard they may soon become the President and VP of the student body on campus.

It's always FREE if you RSVP here > http://www.sonicliving.com/therumble-LA
So please don't write me all afternoon about the guest list because it only takes 1 minute to RSVP. If not, $5 won't kill you at the door and you'll be helping pay the bands.

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