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Friday, April 25, 2008


As if they haven't been picking enough winners and artists close to our hearts here at FS, today DAYTROTTER drops downloadable tracks from WHITE DENIM! Check out this great illustration of TURBO, the manchild that is quickly turning into a rock & roll GOD!

Head over to Daytrotter and enjoy the sessions HERE.

The band also got great hits today in THE SUN and the DAILY MIRROR. What? Still no US deal??? It's too bad all these chicken shits can't figure out a "format" to fit this band into so they can use their old formula. Whatever happened to gut instinct and finding bands that break the format??? I think what's amazing about this band is that they are doing this on their own and could simply be fine doing it on their own, much like the Ghostland Observatory/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah folks have done.

And just because I received SO many TURBO fan photos, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share another one....

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