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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


IMAAD WASIF is a talented guy with a lot of friends. Some may know him for his solo work and a brilliant record that came out on Kill Rock Stars a few years back with the gorgeous song, "Whisper". Others may know him as a member of the YEAH YEAH YEAHS, where he does a lot of touring with them. This time out he's got a different pack of folks with him, the TWO PART BEAST, and he has a new album out called "Strange Hexes", that is dark and scary at times. To pull from his Myspace page, the inspiration comes from the following:

Withdrawn into the realms of Blake’s illuminations, Fuseli’s “gloomth”, the hash frenzied writing of Paul Bowles, a rare Blind Lemon Jefferson/Huddie Ledbetter 45rpm titled The Male Blues, the recurring influence of Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Troggs, Doc Boggs, The Zombies, John Fahey, Jimi Hendrix, and Indian classical music, Wasif is a straight-edged hermit with shamelessly self-inflicted heart wounds and a completely obvious covetous inclination towards rock stardom.

That pretty much sums it up, at moments during the record I get goosebumps. Check out "Wanderlusting" when you get a chance HERE.

So anyway, get on with it man! The point of all this set up is that he's playing tonight, and bringing the Two Part Beast, as well as DARKER MY LOVE and CRYSTAL ANTLERS. Details below:

WHERE: Charlie O’s
501 S Spring St, Los Angeles, California 90013


Crystal Antlers
Darker My Love
Imaad Wasif with Two Part Beast (midnight)
+ DJ Short Shorts & DJ Sam Velde



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