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Thursday, January 19, 2006

GOLDSPOT featured on THE O.C. tonight!

It's been taking me too damn long to finish up the latest FUTURE SOUNDS 23, but it's close, and here is a band that will be on the new edition: GOLDSPOT, from Los Angeles. Their song, "Time Bomb", will be featured on tonight's episode of 'THE O.C.' on Fox.

Their Union Records CD, ‘Tally Of Yes Men’ (above)was named by NPR as on of the "The Best CD's You Didn't Hear This Year”. For fans of COLDPLAY, ELBOW, STEREOPHONICS, DOVES and KEANE, these guys have the likes of KEXP and KCRW in their corner. I downloaded tracks off Itunes and was crushed by 'Rewind'.

Download 'REWIND' - HERE. (mp3)
or 'FRIDAY' (mp3)

The facts:
Booking: Melissa Aubert, WMA
Legal: John Freund

GOLDSPOT - http://www.goldspot.net/goldspotnew/index.php


Blogger jaymeyersfsn said...


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Anonymous jsalexandra said...

This is fantastic it will be a whole new experience now to watch oc.The previously played tracks were so good and after Goldspot the music will become one of the best in tv shows.

1:28 AM  

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