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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


HOLLYWOOD RECORDS is building their rock stable these days - this time adding SPARTA to the list with BREAKING BENJAMIN, ELEFANT, ATREYU and another dark band that you know very well from FUTURE SOUNDS past.

You should know the tale behind SPARTA by now - former members of AT THE DRIVE IN - split off from the MARS VOLTA camp. I featured the track, 'Breaking The Broken' on FUTURE SOUNDS 15 awhile back, when they were on Geffen. According to their website, they are currently in pre-production and will begin recording in Los Angeles in March. They have also added a new guitarist, Keeley Davis, and are "working on a short film, which will likely be packaged with their Hollywood debut. The movie will be based on drummer Hajjar's traumatic childhood, growing up with an ailing mother amidst a civil war in Beirut, Lebanon. The band will provide the film's score."

SPARTA - http://hollywoodrecords.go.com/sparta/


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