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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Early FILM SCHOOL CD reviews

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Film School "Film School"
Beggars Banquet

San Francisco never sounded so good until I heard Film School's dreamy music. I've been buzzing about this band for almost 3 years now. Soon we will be lucky enough to have their debut album in our hands. Their lush and soaring guitars will lead you into a trance like state of euphoria. Check out the single "Harmed" first as it packs a punch. Fans of Interpol, Ride, Calla and Yo La Tengo will adore this band for the quality of music that they are producing. (release date Jan. 24, 2006) review by Lio



Film School
Film School

Each week over at the Tripwire offices, we receive a
ton of records for consideration. Let's face it; a lot
of them are crap. So it is awesome when you pop a CD
in to check out, that you have no expectations on, and
find out that it is great. Just that scenario happened
to me when I got the new debut record from San
Francisco's Film School. On first listen of the album
you can totally tell that this is one of those bands
that needs to be seen live to fully experience and
appreciate. They sound full, lush and big; all the
while also sounding like something that would be the
perfect backdrop to a quiet night at home. "Intro",
the first track blends seamlessly into "On & On",
which is a full throttle psychedelic noise-pop
explosion with hypnotic lyrics. Two other dreamy
songs, "He's A Deep Deep Lake" and "Sick Of The Shame"
sound like they were scrapped off the cutting room
floor from a long-forgotten My Bloody Valentine
session. "Garrison" is an interesting tune because it
is just a hair over two minutes and the whole thing is
backwards. Finally there is "Breet", where jangley
guitars are mixed with fuzzed out ones and the vocals
are reminiscent of Robert Smith. Arguably the best
tracks on the album are the ones that clock in over
five minutes. These songs are the seeds that had a
chance to grow and blossom into beautiful flowers,
just like the ones depicted on the album artwork. One
thing is for sure though. Just pick up this stellar
debut on January 24, as it is chock full of monster
-Reviewed by Erin Chandler

Label: Beggars Banquet Contact: Fred Navarrete