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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Thanks to ONELOUNDERNYC for this amazing display of psychedelic freak out from Japan. According to their website, they think of themselves as "A uniquely Japanese hybrid of Jimi Hendrix, Les Rallizes DesNudes, the Velvet Underground, 60's Japanese pop and the 13th Floor Elevators." Sounds like good company to me. Check out this track by YURA YURA TEIKOKU called 'Evil Car'.
Download mp3 - HERE.

YURA YURA TEIKOKU - http://mesh-key.com/yura.html

Here's a review of their new release on OTHER MUSIC:

Sweet Spot
(Sony Japan)

The phenomenon of Yura Yura Teikoku may not have swept the entire nation; however, for the few hundred audience members lucky enough to witness one of their shows last October, YYT's brilliance has not been forgotten. The trio, whose impact since the '90s in Japanese psych/pop/rock culture is immeasurable, finally made their way over to New York, gracing us with two shows worthy of Koenji's UFO Club. Around the same time Mesh-Key began domestically releasing their records, first Na.ma.shi.bi.re.Na.ma.me.ma.i, and then Sweet Spot. The latter of the two proves to be a great follow-up to the trio's live performance, during which the echoplex hums and loops, jutting in and out of the melody until finally engulfing the sound fully.

Although there are some moments of overwhelming droned-out guitar riffs and echoplex magic, the songs on Sweet Spot mostly just hint at psychedelic consciousness while keeping their pop sensibilities intact. These 10 tracks are never more than seven-minutes long, and guarantee to get stuck in your head even if you do not speak Japanese. For those who have heard Na.ma.shi.bi.re.Na.ma.me.ma.i or one of the colorful imported vinyl pieces, expect a different experience: a little lighter, a little more melodious, and arguably more memorable. [Amanda Colbenson]