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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Live! The Rogers Sisters/Filmschool - Bristol Louisiana 04/10

See, the thing about the Louisiana is that it's the tiniest venue in the world, so much so that you actually feel like you're in the band. More precisely, due to the added luxury of a carpeted dance floor, it feels like you're in the band's living room y'know,..like you were just in the area and decided to drop in for a cuppa.
And thanks to the maths we learned at school, we all know that the size of the venue is inversely proportional to how hot the venue actually gets. Multiplying by a factor of 1.257 if carpet is involved, of course.

With this, and the fact that the bar is downstairs in the pub area in mind, it takes a damn fine support band to keep the audience exactly where they found them and Beggars Banquet's new signings Film School mastered the task superbly. Their sound hovers somewhere in between the machine gun stutter rhythm sections of the Hardfuturepartychiefblocs and the lushly layered fuzzpop geetars of early nineties MBV and college rock stalwarts Drop Nineteens. They're loud, they're big and they make the stifling humidity worth battling. The album is out next year but you'd be well worth checking out new single 'On and On' (http://www.myspace.com/filmschool) to get a better idea.


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