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Friday, October 07, 2005

LEMON SUN shine on The Killers

You may remember LEMON SUN from the most recent FUTURE SOUNDS 21, you know..."The Answers"...catchy tune, near the front??? Anyway, they dropped a 9 song set opening up for THE KILLERS (who?) last night at Long Beach Arena and dropped some jaws. I visited their practice space earlier this week and realized that they are twice the band I thought they were based on the songs on the demo. I know that this short demo has already got some label lovin' happening for the band. Really cool vibe band, filled with VU, Stones, Interpol, and well, Lemon Sun all over it.

If anyone is interested, write me, I'll try and get you a demo.


Blogger b said...

Holy shit. This band rocks. Saw them Saturday night in LA at the Escarpment (?). Blew me away. Fun.

10:27 PM  

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