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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


David Hopkins: Amber and Green
This Irish lad, with a breathtaking voice that draws you in and holds your attention from the first note he sings, wraps up his fuzzy vocals in a gorgeous washy, reverby, sonic, folk-informed pop texture, somewhat reminiscent of Nick Drake and Damien Rice. Plodding along with the jangly guitar is the solid, chordal piano writing, the cushioned attack of the piano strings playing with the strumming of the guitar. Here is a man who fully inhabits the sound worlds he creates, fleshing out the possibilities from slow, mind-numbing tracks to more 60's pop, Beatles-inspired uppers. All around, he is a singer/songwriter to get acquainted with- for it's only a matter of time before his albums start showing up everywhere.

Derek Sivers, President of CD Baby said this:
" I love "Amber and Green" CD so much I'm going to feature it on the FRONT PAGE of CD Baby for a few days. We're REALLY picky about what goes on the front page. We get about 100 new albums a DAY coming in here now, (about 100,000 total), and yours
is one of the best I've ever heard."


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