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Monday, October 24, 2005

Entertainment Ireland: Amber & Green review (4 stars)

David Hopkins - Amber and Green
The story of Dublin band Lir is all too familiar: lots of promise in the
early 90s, a gruelling tour of America, disappointing record sales and an
obscure break-up. Now, with the release of this solo album from their former
keyboard player David Hopkins, we can see that behind the hype there was always a rock-solid talent. He's already attracting comparisons with Damien Rice, and the introspective mood occasionally conjures up the ghost of Nick Drake. But this isn't just another self-indulgent singer-songwriter exercise - instead Hopkins turns out a string of delightfully spiky pop songs, tempering his natural melancholy with some addictive hooks and electronic textures. The title suggests that he's fed up hanging around and is
desperate to get his career moving again. If there's any justice, Amber and
will do just that.

4 Stars

CD Review by Andrew Lynch
Reviewed on 20 October 2005


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