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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Hopkins and The Hives.....

Featured in the MUSIC section of ENTERTAINMENT.IE today.......right above The Hives.

David Hopkins
You might be more familiar with Dublin born David Hopkins from the days of Lir. No he's never been a swan-child but he was, once upon a time, the keyboard player and songwriter for this critically acclaimed band. It was in the 90s, we all had bigger hair. But back to the present. Now settled in San Francisco, David Hopkins has completed his most recent solo endeavor and returned home for a five week touring stint; taking in 02 In The Park, The Hard Working Class Heroes Festival, Solas, the Waterford Forum and The Ruby Sessions, before heading off to Manchester. If you're not in possession of 'Here Comes the Bright Light', get on the bandwagon for his 2nd record 'One Dark Morning'. He's one of those thoughtful singer/songwriter types but with carefully crafted lyrical bitterness subtly submerged among deceptive melodies. We like that around here. See the site for individual show details.


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