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Monday, August 23, 2004

n.Lannon and KUSF

KUSF's Playlists and Top Spins

1. Experimental Dental School "Hideous Dance Attack!!!" (s/r)
2. N. Lannon "Chemical Friends" (Badman)
3. Mushroom "Glazed Popems" (Black Beauty)
4. Meat Beat Manifesto "In Dub Remixes" (Tino Corp)
5. The Wendy Kroys "Songs About Lust, Revenge & UFOs" (SR)
6. Comets On Fire "Blue Cathedral" (Sub Pop)
7. Jet Black Crayon "Inaccuracies Of The Mind Machine" (Function 8)
8. Neurosis "The Eye Of Every Storm" (Neurot)
9. Teenage Harlets/ The Juveniles "split 7"" (Dead Girl Records)
10. Jonathan Segel "Non-Linear Accellerator" (Magnetic)


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