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Monday, August 23, 2004

I had no idea that HOT FUSS was a concept album........

I found this today on the "sarah's so boring ever since she stopped drinking" blog written by Ultragrrrl.

My friend Iann is in love with The Killers. He doesn't love many things -- he certainly hates about 85% of the bands I love -- but he loves the Killers. So much so that he managed to figure out that their Hot Fuss is a concept album (meanwhile, i just thought it was a collection of awesome songs). Here's his breakdown:

"Here's the whole story arc:
Andy kills Jenny "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine".
"Mr. Brightside" tells why he did it -- hence the lyric "all in my head."
"Smile Like You Mean It" is a memory of them together that he knew she was going to leave him.
"Somebody Told Me" is people whispering that he killed her, because she found out he was gay or had had a gay affair (hence the chorus).
"All These Things I've Done" is him rationalizing it all while being ont he lamb.
"Andy, You're A Star " is the kid who falls in love with him watching him on TV [Iann doesn't mention it here, but in our IM he aptly compared it to "Last of the Famous International Playboys" by Morrissey -- which happens to be our favorite Moz song].
"On Top" is about him being on the lamb.
"Change You Mind" is him having rationalized what he's done and trying to convince his parents or his friends.
"Believe Me Natalie" is Jenny's best friend who brings the cops and he's trying to convince her he didn't do it.
"Everything Will Be alright" is about him in jail, realizing what he's done but feeling it'll be ok."

Well done Iann!