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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Well, we rocked the Casbah and had a good time with a series of matinee parties and now we've moved THE RUMBLE: SAN DIEGO to North Park and BAR PINK. We've had our eye on this place since our friends at INDIGENOUS turned us onto Dang and company and tonight we kick off 2010 with an incredible RUMBLE: SAN DIEGO line-up.

The out-of-towner this month is the band that has absolutely wrecked The Rumble Tour this week, starting from Seattle to Thursday night's Rumble: LA - JAGUAR LOVE. It's been a total pleasure working with this band from pre-Rumble prep through the actual parties, two great guys that have taken the work done with The Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves and turned it into a mash-up of T Rex and Robert Plant meets Passion Pit on fire. Expect a party the minute you hear the first scream, and there will be a lot of them.

Supporting the J-Love are two San Diego acts that you should already know about, but we're still dating - THE DABBERS and SPIDER FEVER. The Dabbers are just the kind of rock and roll band that we love here at FS, dirty, tough, grimey, the kind of band that you'd pick to go on a bar crawl with. Their music reflects that same kind of dangerous lifestyle that we only fondly wax sentimental about these days. SPIDER FEVER is yet another SD band that we've heard about from numerous SD trusted sources - what's going on San Diego - why so many good bands??

Guest DJ for the evening is DJ RUBYMARS

Of course, there will be $3 TRUMER PILS beer specials and if you're lucky, we may even do an hour of free TRUMER sampling, so get there early. The folks at TRUMER have been great in supporting The Rumble ->ie. making sure the band's don't go thirsty, allowing us to keep the event free, providing a premium beer at a low price, and now FREE tastings!


The Rumble: San Diego is brought to you by Future Sounds, Indigenous, SDdialed In, SD City Beat, M-Theory Records, WOXY, Spin Earth and Trumer Pils.

BAR PINK is located at 3829 30th Street in North Park

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