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Friday, November 06, 2009


The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the Ape, as THE RUMBLE: SAN DIEGO returns to the Casbah this Saturday for a FREE matinee show with APES OF WRATH, AWOLNATION and THE OLD IN OUT, brought to you by Future Sounds, Indigenous, WOXY, Spin Earth, M Theory Records, SDdialed In, CityBeat and Trumer Pils.

If the APES OF WRATH continue their Rumble devastation tour in the fashion they've been going over the last few nights, playing their home turf tomorrow is going to be a spectacle. The trio sounds tighter than ever after four nights on the road, and I just received a copy of their full length and it's incredible.

Coming up from LA is the force that is AWOLNATION. You may recall frontman, Aaron Bruno from UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF GIANTS previously, this is his new project that is drawing big crowds in Los Angeles. High energy and with personality for a couple bands, not to be missed.

Opening up is the SD act, THE OLD IN OUT, and if you just go by the name, their going to bring the nasty. We had our local partners tell us how amazing they are live, so we've put together a line up of three acts that we know stand and deliver on stage.

Coming strong as guest DJ's this month are the dynamic duo of DJ RED OCTOBER and DJ C. WIZARD.

This is a FREE show and there will be beer specials provided by TRUMER PILS all afternoon long.

Come out early and start your Saturday night off right

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