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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


THE RUMBLE: PORTLAND touches down TONIGHT at Holocene for another night of FREE music brought to you by your friends at Future Sounds, Pampelmoose, Cravedog, Music Millennium, WOXY and XO Publicity.

Headlining the party is RAVISHERS (Formerly the Rock Savants) a band that only started up in February, but have quickly pushed to the front of the line and are known for their blistering live show. Listen to "Keep You Around".

Bringing the freak to the party will be SERIOUS BUSINESS. Think GRAVVY TRAIN or PEACHES with a twist of CSS and you're getting close to Serious Business. Lots of songs about underwear and scandalous nights add up to their brand of business.

Opening up are APES OF WRATH, the band from San Diego we are so excited about that we're sending them through the entire Rumble Tour in November of the west coast dates and are releasing their new single, "Deathtrain" on Itunes tomorrow on Future Sounds Records.

Special guest DJ JARED WHITE will be keeping things moving between bands all evening.

Did we mention it's a FREE party?

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