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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A special edition RUMBLE: BROOKLYN goes down tonight @ Southpaw as we weave our madness into CMJ 2009. The line up is stellar.....take a look.


"just damn addictive... psychedelic-based songs, the tracks consistently hook in your head" rcrdlbl.com

"I am exploding with the need to talk about a band I am fucking obsessed with right now: Paul and The Patients" ultragrrrl.blogspot.com

'Musically, this is the kind of band that the major labels try their best to create artificially. Catchy hooks abound, comfy atmospheres dominate, intelligent lyrics surprise, and it’s all easily accessible with a capital ‘A’." breakthruradio

"So many bands play hard and fast but very few are smart enough to create songs that stay with you after the amps are turned down... It is this dedication to lyrics combined with amazing hooks and bruising garage rock-soul that make this album truly special." knocksfromtheunderground.com

"Holmes’ knack for writing catchy songs. His vocals loom large over the music on the tracks—it’s mostly smooth, but at points is pushed to a perfect, raspy howl." New York Press

CLASS ACTRESS (9:15-9:45)

“We’ve gone on record repeatedly about how much we love Elizabeth Harper, and we stand by our assertion that she’s fronting one of the most promising bands in New York City.” – L Magazine

Elizabeth Harper is a Class Actress, that being the name of her musical solo-project-cum-band, an electro-pop outfit sonically not to far afield of their Brooklyn neighbors Chairlift. Unlike their peers, however, Class Actress substitute an Apple endorsement for a stack of interesting, well-composed retro new wave, and the exuberant drum-machine beat and Tears for Fears synths on "All the Saints" are tied together with Harper's romantically smoky vocal performance. - PITCHFORK FORKCAST

Once the solo project of singer Elizabeth Harper, Class Actress is now a fully-formed band, hustling around Brooklyn's preening, synth-obsessed pop scene like Chairlift's alien-abducted step siblings. "Careful What You Say" gets its kicks from ballooning square waves much like the aforementioned trio, only instead of grabbing for the hook they're content to float amongst their own self-created fog. - RCRDLBL

"Harper is a beauty with a voice like a sleepy winter afternoon. Alternately playful and melancholy, Harper’s songwriting is reminiscent of the Smiths.” – TimeOutNY

“A patch of green, Anglophilic moss thriving in the shade of the monolith that is Brooklyn’s music scene. With Harper rightfully compared to a female version of the beloved Mozzer, it’s no wonder she was first signed overseas by London’s Angular Records. Impeccable in both presentation (her demo's wax-paper packaging was covered in black-ink calligraphy) and performance, her songs recall Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, and New Order at their most tasteful." – Flavorpill

CASXIO (10:00 - 10:35)
Casxio (Ca-See-Oh) are a refreshing divine fusion of disco, funk and rock n’ roll. Reminiscent of a sound that first infiltrated our airwaves over a quarter of a century ago,Casxio is what happens when Prince, the Talking Heads, and Sly Stone all get their hearts broken by the same girl .

About to head to the East Coast for select tour dates this October, including CMJ '09 (to coincide with their forthcoming EP 'Seventeen'). We are more than proud to introduce a band certain to generate a buzz from their unique 70's inspired sound and top notch live delivery.

Indeed, you may not have heard of this Los Angeles based quartet Casxio until now, however it’s a matter of time before they are on everyone’s radar and playlists this summer and beyond. Since their inception in 2007, Casxio has developed an impressive retinue, hailed by critics and garnering a loyal following of revelers, (including cohorts Sam Sparro, Yelle and Datarock).

Inspired by the soulful falsetto balladry of classic icons as diverse as Curtis Mayfield, and Hall & Oates, Casxio’s aim is to "be more than just a friend to you” -Bringing the intensity and emotion back into a world where pop has become stagnant and disposable, this West Coast four-piece revives the timeless soul and funk feeling we've been long since waiting for.

Check out video for new catchy single "Seventeen"



"Somewhere between Of Montreal and MGMT, you’ll find New York’s Aeroplane Pageant. 2007’s Wave To The MoonEven The Kids Don’t Believe Me. earned the four childhood friends a spot onstage with Vampire Weekend, the Hold Steady and Dr. Dog; “Stars Still Pretty” is the first video from the dreamy new album" MAGNET

“It’s a fucking weird album! I like it! I have to listen some more, because it has that Fiery Furnaces thing about it: DEEP, REQUIRES EFFORT. But I was very surprised in good ways at the bizarre arrangements and the way the melodies don’t follow and stuff. My kind of thing, in fact. Consider me a fan, and put me on the mailing list, and all that sort of thing.” -Rick Moody

TEENAGE PRAYERS (11:30-12:05)

"Tim Adams inflects his voice with some of the soul of a Nathan Willett and a Jim James when he sings about sex as well as escape and being lost in the cluster, and his band mates help to create a sound that is rambunctious in its meaning and energy, giving off sparks and the kind of cleansing, sweaty movement that all good days should have at least a little bit of or they’ve been wasted. The Teenage Prayers makes sure that theirs – the prayers and all of the things that actually did happen – weren’t in vain. DAYTROTTER.COM:

Everyone Thinks You're the Best is a rocking good time, executed with soul and conviction, and ultimately a wonderful endorsement for a band that must be a blast in a live setting.

"If you’ve bounced from Marah to the Hold Steady to Art Brut looking to recapture the high you get from discovering fresh, 24-karat rock ’n’ roll, you need to freebase New York’s Teenage Prayers… this Steve Wynn-produced follow-up clobbers cool and catchy with maniacal rock brilliance."

"Bucking the "nostalgia band" trend by being authentically nostalgic, the Teenage Prayers cause you to give blessings to that raw, purely enthusiastic adolescent music fan in all of us."


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