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Friday, November 14, 2008


Tomorrow night in LA, we're teaming up with SPEAK AMERICAN for our first '80's inspired party night with ANNABELLA LWIN of BOW WOW WOW, mixing it up with the new kids: PLUSHGUN, THE BROBECKS and THE NIGHTS. This new monthly is going to have a lot of surprises in the coming months that you'll need to be present at. Think "I Want Candy".......Doors at 8PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, really enjoy Future Sounds. I live in the LA area and
thought I'd just let you guys know about this show that's coming up at
The Echo. I got wind of this guy named
Rodriguez recently from a friend. He's been around for a long time, but just
had his first album reissued and is now touring in support of it. This dude is
in his mid-60s and this is the first time he's played west of Detroit. It's
weird like psych folk soul and is really pretty amazing.

He's playing in LA on the 21st at The Echo and SF on the 23rd at The Great
American Music Hall (with The Entrance Band).

I don't know, I hadn't heard anything about it very many of the local blogs and
thought that I'd just spread the word as I thought people would really
interested in this.

Hope this gets a few more folk out at the show.

11:02 AM  
Blogger lldope said...

Sorry to anyone that came out to this party and had the same shock that we had, when Annabella told us all that she wasn't going to play any 80's songs from Bow Wow Wow and only play the hippie stuff she played instead. We were as surprised as you were. We owe you one, hopefully you loved The Brobecks, Plushgun and The Nights

3:37 PM  

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